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Tim & Jean – Like What

So this is weird. I started listening to Tim & Jean this morning as per a spotify recommendation and immediately thought, why the hell haven’t I heard of these guys before?

Looks like this album, Like What, sprouted almost a year after the success of Passion Pit’s Manners, and you can easily pick out similarities between the two. Like, REALLY pick up the similarities. A lot of music blogs would heavily criticize the “unoriginal” nature of such an album, but I on the other hand, love stuff like this. In the times when an album like Manners really starts to wear on you for the fact that you love the style and the songs but hitting the repeat button so many times starts to make you ache for a similar vibe, just different songs. A new album is too far away and I need my fix now. Here enters, Tim & Jean, with their smooth electro-styled dance-rock loveliness.

Have at it crowd.

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Currently on Repeat: Jonquil

Every now and then I come across a tune so good that I literally don’t listen to anything else for days. This song will get repeated and repeated until I tire it out. Nevertheless I’ll keep playing and playing.

This phenomenon is happening right now, and it’s coming to me in the form of Jonquil’s 2011 album, Point Of Go, in particular two songs from the album that are mind blowing. Run and Mexico. 

Seriously, enjoy them.

Happy Monday: Here’s Empire of the Sun

I think I mentioned in a previous post that I’m not really known for being the biggest fan of Empire of the Sun. I mean, they’re great. Their singles on the first album were absolutely killer. The rest of the album, in my opinion, not so much. Despite most music critics around the world praising it for being the best debut by any band ever or something along those lines (with some UK magazines that kind of praise gets given out to a new up-and-coming act every two weeks or so, so you might think it doesn’t hold much strength anymore anyway), I didn’t buy into it.

Well. That being said, I can’t help but get excited about the new album, Ice on the Dune, which came to be available on Spotify towards the end of the week just passed. It’s everything that was good about the singles from the first album injected into an entire album. It’s catchy, it’s melodically brilliant, it flows seamlessly and (my favourite part) it’s 100% dance-inducing at it’s core.

Their first single, Alive, was a sign of things to come but it’s the new one, DNA, that really shows the absolute powerhouse strength in Ice on the Dune that stretches well beyond singles. It shows a band matured and really brings to life this so-called “journey” of the prophet and the emperor that they say they’ve infused into the songs. Standout tracks so far include, Celebrate, Old Flavours, Awakening and the title track, Ice on the Dune. 

But for now, here’s DNA direct from SoundCloud.


I’ve blogged about Speak before. The troubling thing with these guys is that the word “Speak” is such an average every day thing/topic that you have so much trouble finding them in Google, YouTube or in fact most social media sites where you’d be most likely to stumble upon their music.

Lucky I found them then. Lately I’ve dove into real gritty, I guess you could say “cool” sounding bands, that have great music based a lot on the fact that they just either don’t give a shit and give it hell lyrically and musically or wicked tones that suit electronic styled music. Basically I’m trying to say that you maybe haven’t heard so much clean-cut music on this blog for a while. Speak is as if that brilliantly cheesy bunch, The Click Five, somehow managed to shake the shackles of pop-star grade douchery and find their cool. The vocals are something I definitely aspire to. Not so much in the tone and ability but the styling crafted by the singer. A lot of the time with this band the music will start and I’ll have a certain expectation about where it’s about to go, and it doesn’t go anywhere near.

Best Lyric: I’m not afraid to fight at all, but if you won’t back off, this is war.


I came across On An On in a BIRP playlist almost half a year ago and they didn’t jump off the page too much. But after finally getting into Spotify, I searched them out to see if they had anything else to offer, and by god was I surprised.

This track, entitled Every Song, is ethereal at every point. I really don’t know how to write about it without sounding cheesy. The album Give In is also not bad so make sure to jump onto Spotify and check it out.

You’re Every Song in the World…just beautiful.

Happy Monday: Here’s A Hockey Remix

Shit I feel glum this Monday. It’s quite a regular occasion as I’m sure it is with a lot of people working routine weeks. That’s why I love finding some epic tunes to push through the morning, and I actually feel good enough to get on with it.

I’ve posted a lot about RAC lately, but at least the original songs are by different bands. This one is particularly awesome and way better than the original. Fuck coffee, enjoy this Monday morning pick-up.