Last Dinosaur Standing

Founding Member Of Last Dinosaurs Quits Band

Since the release of their 2012 masterpiece In A Million Years…Brisbane based indie four-piece, Last Dinosaurs have been highly regarded in Australia, playing string after string of sold out shows to adoring crowds around the country who lapped up tickets like a herd of thirsty llamas.

But disaster has struck this week. Whilst in the middle of being bunkered away to work on the already anticipated sophomore release, it was revealed that Bassist and founding member Sam Gethin-Jones will be leaving the outfit, announcing his departure via the band’s facebook page. In the post, he says, “…Sam here. I come with the unfortunate news that I will no longer be a part of Last Dinosaurs. For the band to move forward in the strongest way possible it is best that we part ways now. I can honestly say that the best experiences in my life have been with the guys, and I’ll always be grateful for the memories we’ve shared.”

Now, this is sad news indeed. When The Indie Rock Summit was still playing it old-school and hosting our biz on blogger, I highlighted In A Million Years…as album of the month in July 2012 (I think?) and have been very keen for the follow up ever since. There’s always that tightening of a fan’s stomach when an original member leaves as thoughts of hopelessness and despair cross our minds, especially when it’s a band with a short catalogue like Last Dinosaurs. Will the rest of the band fall apart? If not who will replace this memeber? Will the music go down the drain? I’m afraid of change!!

The band, and Gethin-Jones himself, assures us that the second album is still on track and is sure to “blow our minds”. Whatever it turns out to be, let’s just hope that the departure of young Gethin-Jones doesn’t make the hugest impact on the all important second release, which is sometimes the decision maker on whether a band stands the test of time. Will this departure bring on the threat of extinction in the long run? With gems like these from the first album, I certainly hope not.

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