RAC, Kele & MNDR. Sold.

Do I really need to write a couple of paragraphs explaining why you should be friggen excited about the latest track from RAC featuring Kele & MNDR? The other thing is, Bloc Party have recently released a new EP and this just blows any of those tracks out of the water.

They had a great run and I love older Bloc Party but I honestly think it’s clear from this track who Kele should be teaming up with. RAC (Remix Artist Collective) is, in my opinion, indie’s best remix artist. After releasing a collection of stunning indie remixes through 2012, he released his first original in the track Hollywood featuring Chris Glover (AKA Penguin Prison) and it was an impressive tune showcasing exactly what RAC’s own voice might look like as a writer and not just a “tweaker”.

Let Go is the second original track to be released and we once again see the boys teaming up with some pretty well regarded indie icons to play lead in what is yet another mind-blowing indie-pop tune. Although he is a new artist when looking at original songs, he’s already developed a competence and professionalism that not a lot of seasoned artists attain in years of touring. From the looks of the first two tracks, you should be excited. One thing’s for sure. He’s consistent.


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