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Mind In The MTNS

Salvage EP Cover

I posted earlier this year about a Sydney based prog-rock-ish slash dream-pop-ish outfit called MTNS (I believe it’s pronounced “Mountains”) after I saw them support Tigertown to a dumbstruck audience at the Oxford Art Factory in September.

Following on from their first single, Lost Track Of Time, they’ve just allowed Earmilk to premiere their debut four-track EP entitled Salvage and it’s quite a work of art. Starting with the work of art itself, the cover art, I’m immediately hooked in and admittedly a little biased as it’s just a massive scenic powder bowl. From the minute I hit play on the first track I can imagine whacking this effort on repeat while carving long chilled out tracks through the snow.

So far, MTNS, have proved to be the perfect chill-out band. Therapeutic and calming at their core and annoyingly impressive in every other respect. Check it out below.

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Sky Ferreira – You’re Not The One

It seems all a brilliant lady artist can sing about these days is breaking the hell out of the hearts of the men of the world. Poor us. On the plus, those of us who haven’t felt the direct hit from these fiery female songstresses have been getting crazy amounts of epic songs out of it.

This time, our highlighted female artist is not from Europe despite sounding very reminiscent of acts like Say Lou Lou, Kate Boy and Chloe Howl. Sky Ferreira hails from the big apple, NYC and according to her facebook page, describes her music as “Dutch Pop/Chinese Pop/French Pop”. Bizarre, but I guess given the location of some of these aforementioned similar acts I’d say it could very well be accurate.

You’re Not The One was only uploaded to YouTube two months ago and has already racked up over one million views, which for an artist who is relatively unheard of in Australia, is pretty impressive to an Australian. It’s a mix of 80’s high-pitched crunch guitar and smooth yet spiteful dream-pop-ish vocals that whip around a bouncy bass drop like a girl who knows she’s won a break-up. The film clip adds to this ten-fold. It’s full of colourful strobes, shadows and light play, leather and sunglasses, sex appeal and violence.

Considering she’s got over one million views, I’m assuming she’s extremely popular somewhere in the world. If you’re from this magical place, shout with another suggestion?

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Wild Party – All Nighter

I knew it had to be too good to be true. For months I’ve been a glutton, indulging in whatever tunes I want, whenever and wherever. I’m telling all my friends, Android phones are way better than Apple, Spotify rips over iTunes. That last bit I still consider true. But this week I hit a road bump in what seemed to be a journey too smooth to be true. The debut EP from Wild Party finally came out, and it’s good, and it’s nowhere to be seen on Spotify.

I took to Soundcloud and was rewarded for my faithfulness as this magically consistent first attempt, appropriately named All Nighter, was fit for play. The stand out is still obviously the fun and committed single from earlier in the year, When I Get Older. However, it’s great to see them equal the stand out track with gems of pop brilliance like Take My Advice and Out Right. 

Imagine an Indie band called Wild Partyand that’s what they are. Whether their tumultuous lyrics steer us towards romanticism, despair and hopelessness, drunken stupour or any which way, they manage to stay fun, sprightly, catchy and rocky. This is one to keep an eye on.

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RAC makes this look good

I know I’ll probably cop a lot of flack from this, but I really don’t like MS MR. Not sure why. I’ve given them a good try, I’ve seen them live, I just don’t get it. Even now as I’m writing this I thought to myself, wait, before you publicly announce it just go back and double check, give it one more try. I still stand firm by my decision.

That being said, there have been a few instances where I’ve really enjoyed listening to their songs, and they have only been when it’s not really them doing it. Before this, it’s only ever been the CHVRCHES remix of Hurricane and now we can safely add RAC’s remix of Think Of You to the approved list.

Everything he does, he turns to gold.

Sidenote: I’ve had a comment previously about the legitimacy of the YouTube video supplied with my posts. Just in case anyone has an issue, YES, I know the below isn’t directly affiliated with MS MR or RAC. NO, I don’t care. I’ve set my website up to give a Trojan Horse virus to anyone who comments in regards to this matter, making it so that no matter what website you visit, an animated Rick Moranis appears and eats all the words on the page (Do you think I’m that computer literate? Make the comment and find out).

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Dear Fans of City & Colour…

I don’t mean to startle you. But there’s an act from inside our very own country doing a similar thing to our universally loved folk-hero Dallas Green a.k.a City & Colour. Now, before you start to poo-poo the thought of another artist copying this sound, assuming that no one can replicate the amazing stylings of probably the best of his genre; have a listen. He’s actually really great in his own friggen brilliant way.

This musical mimic comes at us in the form of Death & A Curea solo act that began in Perth, Australia in 2008 with singer Ben Blondel. Now, this next part is just way too coincidental (for anyone that knows City & Colour’s back story). According to his facebook page, frontman Ben is recently more widely recognised as the lead singer from post-hardcore outfit “In League” – obviously drawing similarities to Dallas Green’s continuing stint as singer and guitarist in Canadian hardcore outfit Alexisonfire.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself and let me know if you think Death & A Cure lives up to the comparison.

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Oh Yeah Finrand!

As mentioned in a previous post this week, these boys popped onto the scene a while back like a Scando version of Two Door Cinema Club with hits like Sirens and Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro jumping out of the debut record Phrases To Break The Ice and being an absolute kick to listen to. In 2013, they’ve released the severely matured, yet no less impressive follow up Pine Trails, a musically gluttonous album that delivers one awesome track after another, leaving the average human being unable to stop themselves going back for seconds, thirds, sixteenths even. It’s a fucking good record, OK.

Highlights include Season Of B-Sides, Campfire, Australia (Don’t Ever Let Her Go) and a tune that strangely reminds me of Passion Pit in one single section of the intro, Lights Go Low. I have to say as an Australian, it’s funny to hear a Finnish band write a love song about a girl that left them to go to Australia. Sorry mate.

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The 1975 – Girls (The Knocks Remix)

The epic guys over at Inside Tone just posted this naughty number and I had to do a quick piece on it. The 1975 do Indie-Pop pretty damn well. In the same vein, The Knocks pretty much “knock” every remix they take on out of the park (pun fully intended).

Put them together and you have probably the coolest remix of the month. Make sure to check out too for more wicked tracks that I continue to miss over here.

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Say Lou Lou – Better In The Dark

I’m really loving every little piece of music coming from Scandinavia lately. Even the Finnish have some sweet stuff with Satellite Stories pumping out their latest album Pine Trails this year like a polished, Scando take on Two Door Cinema Club. 

In line with other Swedish acts of the sort like Kate Boy and Purity Ring, Better In The Dark, the latest track from the Swedish sisters and lady-duo Say Lou Lou is a brooding electronic fantasy with brilliantly emotive and elevating vocals. The huge drum and bass track bursts through the chorus with intimidating blows, marching in your face to claim attention and shit, it does just that.

I know Say Lou Lou have released a few tracks in the last year or two, but this is the first time I’ve stood up and paid attention. I’m looking forward to hearing more stuff from them.

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