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Indie Wrap Up: Live From Reykjavik, Iceland

So as predicted, I haven’t had a lot of time to blog on this trip of mine. I’m roughly three weeks in and am currently sitting in the hostel KEX in Reykjavik, Iceland wondering where the time has gone but stoked on still having two weeks (including a week snowboarding in the French alps) to go.

Along the way, there’s been a tone of tunes and a lot of store front shazamming happening, and has led me to think that I should just wrap up what I’ve been listening to since the last post in one simple post. Some of it may be old, some new. But all glorious. We’ve got some new-ish stuff from Aussie acts Olympics Ayres and Chance Waters (Feat. The Griswolds) as well as some stuff from across the pond from Great Good Fine OK. Take some time out and check it out.

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Soundtrack To Europe: Live From Vienna

Going off what I’ve seen since arriving in Vienna, Austria, if I were to blog about cultural music it’d most likely be an opera or some classical stuff. Although on the underground is seems they love their house, electronic Euro DJ’s and shit. Not really my thing music-wise, although for an in club experience it beats anything. Well, perhaps not anything.

I was in a bar the other night having a few drinks and this song came on over the speakers. It might be an oldie, but it’s something that will actually never get old. I’ll remind everyone that I’ve decided to do this segment as a testament to the amazing tunes that will always bring you back to that epic city or spot for the rest of your life. I believe this is definitely one of them.

Taking you back to 2008, and an old favourite. CSS with Move.

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Soundtrack To Europe: Live From Munich

Citizens! - True Romance (Gigamesh Remix)

I’m going to keep these posts in my free time short and sweet, as I don’t want to be kept bunkered down in the hostel writing. Sure you can understand. It’s the first day of my trip through Europe and it’s absolutely unreal here in Munich. Borussia Dortmund just won their match against Marseille in the Champions League last night to qualify top of the table for the knockout stage and spirits are high.

In the meantime, whenever travelling by train or bus I’ve had this little doozy popping up in my playlist and I hear it’s quite an old remix, but it’s still a bloody good track. I don’t really have time to do the usual three second of research into the song or band (which doesn’t really account for much anyway) so here it is. True Romance by Citizens! (Gigamesh Remix). Fun times.

If you’ve got any of your own travel inspired tunes, give us a buzz in the comments below!


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Live From Hong Kong Int. Airport

So I’ve officially departed Sydney and arrived at Hong Kong International for the first of two layovers. I’ve got 5 hours to kill before connecting through to Helsinki so I figured I might as well share some travel inspiration with anyone who cares to read.

Music has played a big part in every trip I’ve ever had. It’s always acted as a kind of vessel to capture however I’m feeling during that night in whatever city or that nervous/excited feeling flying to somewhere new, and then replicate it whenever I hear that song for the rest of my life. When I first flew to Canada (unbeknown to me that I would spend the next two years living there), I’ll always quietly mention that the entire Owl City collection from their album Ocean Eyes backwards was able to inspirationally sum up those first few weeks. Travelling overnight through the snow covered rocky mountains in minus 30 degrees. The feeling of loneliness starting a job as a housekeeper at a resort weeks before anyone arrived and not knowing anyone there. The feeling of fucking amazingness when I did know absolutely everyone and had the best winter ever, riding, drinking and just generally being epic. For that, I’ll always have a soft spot for Owl City. Even though everything he’s done since has been utter garbage.

So today I flew out towards Europe with my taste in music what I consider to be much more developed than what it was four years ago. The song of choice that I cracked on repeat as I stood at the gate eager to get amongst my Deutsche brethren, was a shit load more fun that anything I was listening to when I ran away to Canada four years ago.

This is where I present to you, Caaalifornia (Yes, the overload of “A’s” are deliberate) by French Horn Rebellion feat. Ghost BeachI could bore you some more with wanky adjectives that try to encapsulate just how much this song makes you want to just  party, but all I can say is listen to it and thank me later.

Admittedly this post has been a touch heart felt for a music blog, but does anyone agree? I’d love to hear some songs that seriously take you back to some fucking good memories of amazing times in the comments below.

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Nightbox: Oldies and Newbies

This is sad for me. Just as people are actually starting to read the blog, listen to the music, comment, like and chat through with great opinions on the stuff I’ve been posting. I’ll be taking 5 weeks off to go to Europe and travel about for a bit on my lonesome. Come to think of it, it’s not actually sad at all. It’s brilliant. The sad part is that it actually means I probably won’t be posting until after the 15th of January! I hope you all come back at that point to see what I’ve got after my travels, it should be pretty sweet.

For now, I present Nightbox and their phenomenal self titled EP from 2011. This record reminds me a lot of local Sydney act Conics on steroids, kind of joining with something like Polarsets or even Friendly Fires in their speedy pop, funky hay day. Although the EP came out in 2011, they have been shouting around about the debut album coming out in 2013 (I’m assuming they’ve pushed it back until 2014 by now…) and judging from this first effort, it’s something to get excited about.

The four piece from Toronto, Canada came in way before their time with the self titled, sprouting gems that, had it have been released this year, would have been lapped up like a buffet dinner in front of a back-packer (like the themed metaphor?). Pyramids, Fumes and Relocate You are all emotional and dance infused creations with a lot of fast, static and punchy bass lines over the top of the sporadic drive of the drums. It’s kind of like the sci-fi of music in a way. 

Check the EP out below and look out for the next installment very soon, the single Utopia is out and previews are up on the site – they are stupidly good.

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