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Chromeo – Come Alive (Ft. Toro y Moi)

It’s a bloody Canadian take over. A few weeks ago, Chromeoanother outfit from that cold ass land up North released the first single from their upcoming album White Women. Being from Montreal, you can understand why they seem a little creepy somehow, but fuck are they funky as hell – in a way that is really impressive melodically and actual song-wise, but also kind of comedic in a way. A sound that definitely came through via songs like their 2007 wonder Bonafied Lovin’ and one that shoots back through in the new single Come Alive.

I’m not a fully fledged fan of the band, but have enjoyed the odd single here and there, such as the aforementioned track from 2007’s Fancy Footwork, and the single off the following album, Don’t Turn The Lights On. This is definitely one of those moments and I can’t help but enjoy this one thoroughly. It’s fully of creepy sex noises, the odd slap of the bass and it absolutely amazes me how a band can produce a song that seems like a piss-take on 90’s R n’ B yet is strangely incredibly catchy and enjoyable in a way that is not even slightly humorous.

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This Stripped Back Version Of “We Should Go To France” Is The Coolest

For those of you who immediately recongised We Should Go To France as the standout track on the Miike Snow-like Swedish Indie band Urban Cone’s debut album Our Youthhere’s a treat.

Performing live for The Wild Honey Pie, they feature an absolutely unreal stripped back version of the track that flows a little better whilst maintaining all the drama and heart felt in the original track. Check it out below, and those of you who haven’t yet heard the original, it’s below the live clip.

Wouldn’t mind running off to France right about now either.

Tokyo Police Club – Hot Tonight

Those Canadian darlings, my favourite band to ever come from the great north, Tokyo Police Clubreleased a new single from their upcoming album Forcefield a week ago. I think you can already tell by my opening line I’m hardly objective about the music, I can barely contain my excitement.

The latest single is called Hot Tonight and was uploaded to YouTube on January 13th. It’s a solid follow up from the stellar album Champion, an album that blasted straight into being one of my favourite albums of all time within a few tracks of listening. Hot Tonight has all the staples everyone loved from songs like Wait Up (Boots of Danger) and the even earlier Graves. It’s a party song that kind of sounds a little melancholy in the verses but lends itself to a fucking cool falsetto sing along after the chorus. This single is set straight for anyone in their teens to their twenties, talking about being broke, getting a bit gritty, drinking in parks, partying and ruining lives and trying not to think about a future or reality that involves anything but. As a guy in his mid-Twenties, I can definitely appreciate a song like that.

They’ve also uploaded the lyric video to the first track off the upcoming album, the whopping eight minute long Argentina (Parts I, II and III), check it out below.

DWNTWN – The Red Room EP

I don’t usually post twice in one day, but I’ve been listening to this EP from LA based DWNTWN for days now and actually needed to write about it. The whole EP is so catchy in it’s own Electronic-Pop way, with front-lady Jamie Leffler’s vocals floating around some of the most chilled beats and melodies I’ve heard in a long time. Usually I find this genre (maybe it’s a mix of that…is it chill-wave? and pop) kind of boring in the long-run, but DWNTWN absolutely kill it.

The standout track on the record is See My Eyes. Opening with a creeping keyboard and brooding, depressing vocals, it jumps up out of nowhere and smashes all about the joint suddenly making you want to sing along (or something like that). Other brilliant tunes like Stood Me Up and Transition keep the pace in what is overall a very solid effort. It came out in 2012 so is actually a little bit older. Fingers crossed they’re working on something as I type…

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Run

You know your band has truly made it when you get your own listed post on Buzzfeed. Despite having all the obvious markings of a sponsored/payed-for post, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. recently had their new single Run up on Buzzfeed with the most hipsterest of hipster sites raving on and on about why the video is good and everything you can expect from that site – they liked the gold, the weird stuff, the patterns. Apparently kids these days like shiny things.

But the song, oh the song. I’m loving this new album from the Detroit natives named after a Nascar driver and Run is one of the better tracks on the release. It’s really chill but still has all the exciting element of a DEJrJr pump up song. It’s another one of those tracks that I’d rather just post below and not talk so much about, because really, no one is here to read.

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Fire In The Hamptons – Crystalize & Other Short Stories

This post coming at you a little hazy following afternoon drinks at 4:30PM on Friday here in Sydney at the office. But I thought, what better way to talk music then when stoked about crunchy mood rockets right before the weekend. Today, I’ve been taken back two years to 2012, when an album going by the name of F.I.T.H was released by the LA based band gracing the words behind the acronym, Fire In The Hamptons.

There’s quite a few killer tracks on the album including Crystalize, Other Words and Stargazer as seen below. Crystalize is a bumpy electro darling that lends itself well to the rugged vocals of frontman Zack Arnett. Despite the electronics behind the beat driving forward hard the entire way through with hectic energy, the track still somehow finds a way to raise itself come chorus-time to massive heights with a tonne of emotion and even more hype, setting the best scene to start any weekend. With the rest of the album they still have that same vibe of energetic electronics, although tracks like Other Words are little more on the poppy side (in the best way). I only wish they’d do more with that epic solid hook on the 40 second mark of this track, because this is an absolute winner. It’s not available on soundcloud or YouTube so go nuts on Spotify.

Do yourself a favour and check out the rest of the album, or my favourites below.

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The Pass – Sunny Day & Don’t Take It

It’s times like these that sometimes I love finding bands a little late to the mark. The Pass are an outfit whose previous single, Halo, I found way past the release but was absolutely crazy about, still am. The benefit of finding songs late of course, is that there’s always a chance that they’ll be releasing something fresh soon after and you won’t have to wait the standard two years to hear from them again.

In the new year, The Pass announced what promises to be their busiest, biggest year yet in an extremely unique way. According to the press release, starting January with the debut of the latest single, the phenomenally catchy gritty electric number Sunny Day, they will be releasing a new 7″ single each month for four months.

As I mentioned, Sunny Day is a killer song, rebellious at it’s core and just super fun. Don’t Take It on the other hand, is a great pop tune reminiscent of older tracks from this band like Cross Walk Stereo. Both sides of this band are pretty epic and it seems that they’re maturing perfectly with each release.

I’m very excited to hear the next installment of this series and make sure to check up on the Soundcloud account for the monthly updates. Otherwise, you can pre-order the entire vinyl bundle today for $25 plus shipping. Every single will come in a full colour jacket with different colored vinyl for each release.  The four releases and eight songs will lead up to The Pass’ anticipated follow up to Melt, due this summer. The vinyls will be limited to 500, with this two songs below released two days ago! Get in fast.

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