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We Have Band – Someone

This is possibly the best band name I’ve heard in quite a while. I love a seriously great band that still has a dumb sense of humour that I can relate to. That aside, there’s nothing funny about British indie trio We Have Band’s latest track but definitely something special about it. Clearly the standout track from February’s edition of the BIRP Indie Rock Playlist, Someone has all the airs of an indie festival classic from the get-go.

It’s got that floating vibe liken to bands like Panama and sometimes even reminds me of what High Highs could be if they realised their true potential and stopped faffing about with nothing but acoustic. The part that really suckers you in is hands down the chorus with it’s falsetto brilliance roping us all in with the words “Someone’s gonna take you” and truly making me wish it was on a loop once the verse starts again. I’m a sucker for hooks.

Do you ‘have band’? I’ve been getting a lot of press releases come through lately from up and coming bands all over the world and loving all the new music that I probably wouldn’t find myself otherwise. If you think you’ve got something I might like, send it through the contact form and there’s a good chance I’ll post.

The New Division – Honest & Stockholm

The New Division had a pretty sick single in Kids back in 2012. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all they had. The ambient electricity and the droning stobe of electronic bass in almost every song kind of got tiring fast and meant that I only really stuck with them for a while. For some reason though, amongst what felt like un-impressed-ness, I was (for reasons unknown) impressed.

The LA based quintet have just two weeks ago released their second most recent single off what I’m assuming will be an upcoming record. The track is called Honest and it’s a lot of the same stuff from before, but with a twist. It takes the interesting parts that caused me to continue listening in the first place, and scraps the boredom in favour of pleasant vocal hooks in 80’s verses that are not unlike classics like Temptation from New Order. It’s a cool track regardless and a step in the right direction, making me think that the upcoming album is actually going to be a keeper.

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Plastic Plates – Stay In Love (feat. Sam Sparro)


Considering it was Valentine’s Day last week, it seems pretty timely to probably post my first borderline R n’ B track on the blog. I say borderline because it features the sort-of-cool-and-smooth vocals of Mr. Sam Sparro, but with the overtones of an electro-pop hit from the main act Plastic Plates. As you probably thought I’m not usually in to this kind of stuff but Stay In Love was hard to ignore. So much so that it’s currently on repeat and pushing me through my daily ridiculous workload with enthusiasms.

Despite what was essentially an average-at-best Valentine’s Day on account of food poisoning (and I’m sure some readers had either an epic or disappointing one too) – I’ll leave you all to try and live the experience through this track.

Fresh Tracks: Yes, More From RAC

Well this is starting to get embarrassing. I’ve posted RAC almost every god damned day lately, but to be fair he’s releasing a lot of good stuff all at once as remix artists often do. The latest is actually an original off the excitable upcoming debut album Strangers. It’s a cool little indie track by the name of Repeating Motion and features ex-RAC member Karl Kling in the vocals hot-seat. Although I am noticing that a lot of his original stuff is starting to sound quite samey, I still dig every song just as much as the last. Reapting Motion is currently up on Soundcloud with a “Free Download” option, so get in quick before he changes his mind.

Just so I don’t double/triple up with RAC posts for the next month, I may as well also post his latest remix (uploaded to soundcloud just 17 hours ago!). A wicked take on the folky 2013 single by Grizfolk, The Struggle. It takes a little getting used to but has some shining moments throughout.

Rubik – Wasteland (RAC Remix)

I post about RAC a lot. It’s no secret. In my eyes he’s perhaps the single greatest remix artist of all time. Sometimes I just go on to Soundcloud and scan through some of his older remixes that I haven’t yet heard and nine times out of ten I find an absolute thriker. This is one of those tales.

Wasteland by Rubik was brought out in 2009 on the album Dada Bandits and re-purposed for reasons relating to dance by RAC at least three years ago (according to soundcloud). So that makes it a pretty old song I’m talking about here in latest music terms. But like I said, this ain’t no news site and if you haven’t heard it yet you can thank me later. Also, while we’re on the topic of RAC I might as well post another track I only just listened to yesterday, a remix of Number One by Madison. 

Absolute Gold: Parade Of Lights

I don’t often do two posts in one day, but I posted about Strange Talk below and I’ll be damned if that’s the best I’ve got all day. God, I need to stop bad mouthing Strange Talk because I actually like them, I’ve just got into a bad habit about it.

Anyways, Parade Of Lights are actually kind of in the same vein. Hailing from perhaps the seediest city I’ve ever been to, the highly over-rated City of Angels Los Angeles, their brand of electronic pop isn’t exactly new, but it definitely puts you in the right mood for a Friday night spent in shambles.

Their latest single, Golden, kicks off brilliantly with a slamming electro step-down and leads into a deep rumbling piano verse that doesn’t quit. Have fun with this one.


Strange Talk – Young Hearts

These guys are throwing me back and forth. I started off loving Melbourne natives Strange Talk back in the days of Climbing Walls and Sexual Lifestyle, but when their debut album came out I was sorely disappointed. It sounded as if they had got sucked in by their label hard; forced to create polished, poppy, studio vomit. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never one to accuse anyone of selling out or the type to bad mouth a band just because they broke into mainstream. If they’re good, they’re good. Simple as that. Problem with Strange Talk is, their debut album Castaway was terrible.

Fast track to the latest release, Young Hearts. Yeah, it’s poppy. Yeah, maybe it’s studio-polished. Yeah, it’s even pretty corny. Yeah, their lyrics are slipping (really going to use the word “grown ups” in reference to adults??). But it just sounds fucking good. It’s catchy and doesn’t slow down at any point, building up gradually as the song goes on to elevate above the corny lyrics and almost develop into a track that could be passed off as rebellious in some circles. I mean, it’s no Is It Real? but it’s a step in the right direction for a band that had so much promise all but 5 years ago.

Foster The People – Coming Of Age

Back in 2011, Foster The People came from relative nowhere to sky rocket in popularity on a huge scale off the back of their breakout single Pumped Up Kicks. The wider album Torches, however was less recognised on a global scale (I’m obviously talking top 40 stuff here) despite being probably the most consistent release of the year, and nailing several tracks into the Triple J Hottest 100 for that year. Songs like Houdini, Call It What You Want, Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls) and I Would Do Anything For You made it so that you could listen to the entire album top to bottom without wanting to skip or repeat because the whole thing killed it.

They’re back with another single off the upcoming album Supermodel called Coming Of Age and it pretty much carries on the same vibes as most of Torches in a really cool way. It’s still got that Southern California, no-cares-in-the-world feeling. It still carries that bopping percussion and crunchy guitar using what would usually be determined as “too much gain” but  somehow works out perfect for Mark Foster and his lazy style of vocals that float about the track to find a perfect mix for a song that drives you into deep relaxation while at the same time making you want to crack out the old air drums when you’re behind the wheel.

What do you think of the new track? Will it break into the mainstream the way Pumped Up Kicks did or will we get to keep it all to ourselves?

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2014, You’re My Favourite

So the Triple J Hottest 100 wrapped up about a week ago, meaning we’ve wrapped up 2013 with it. Yeah, Vance Joy prevailed (really?), but most of us that are never satisfied by a song for more than a week are already looking towards the next releases, and what a bloody lot we have to look forward to.

Just the other week, the relatively unknown UK Indie outfit CYMBALS released their debut effort, The Age Of Fracture, which is exciting news for anyone who likes their tunes longer than necessary and their vocals off-pitch enough to sound kind of cool. I know that’s not the best introduction I’ve ever given a band on this blog, but honestly, I really like this band and suggest you check out songs like The Natural World and You Are before writing them off because the intro wasn’t all that interesting for something that went for two minutes.

Following that, Stepdad announced the release of their latest single, Running (Does That Mean You Care?), which is full of their well known style of borderline corny electro-pop. Back in 2012, I pronounced their debut album Wildlife Pop one of the best of the year as it smashed out amazing tracks that I still haven’t tired of two years later. Whether or not you like the new single, it’s worth keeping an eye on them for the upcoming CD because there’s bound to be one or two pearlers in there.

OK, granted this post isn’t doing wonders for positive recommendations, I have to mention Little Comets, and the positive vibes don’t start there. The Newcastle natives also announced the pending release of a new EP entitled The Gentle EP with the first two songs being complete and utter let downs. You might wonder why I even bothered to write about it. Well, because Little Comets are actually one of my favourite bands of all time, and the third track to be let out, Coalition Of One, isn’t actually all bad. That isn’t to say it’s good, but I believe in them that much that I feel they’ll get over this experimental phase they’re going through. I just want to know what drives a band to make songs that barely make sense to the human ear. I get the whole “let’s be cool and experimental and not sell out” thing…but seriously.

Speak have also released a new single which is very exciting for two reasons. One, because they’re actually really good and two, because their new stuff seems to be straying away from the teeny bopper pop of old and more towards the dark, electro-indie style of the stand out single Carrie and later single Peaks. Among the masses of singles and albums always launched around this early time of the year, Be Reasonable, Diane is something to be excited about. Their sophomore album has been a long time coming and preliminary reviews are indicating that it will be an epic one.

Although there’s no new tracks, RAC excited the world with the announcement that his first original EP Don’t Talk To was actually the teaser for a longer album to be released in two parts. The first, Strangers Part 1. will be coming out March 4th and Part 2. following on April 1st. It’s said to be featuring the likes of Alex Ebert from Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, Tegan & Sara and Body Language.