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Great Good Fine OK – By My Side


About a month ago I posted about The Wild Honey Pie’s solid live recording of Great Good Fine OK’s next track from the upcoming EP, called By My Side. The song has just been premiered for Earmilk and it’s a very similar rendition, although I kind of preferred the urgency and energy in the live version a bit more.

The long awaited debut EP Body Diamond is out at the end of this week and inclusive of the summer hits You’re The One For Me and Not Going Home, along with By My Side and new one Say It All which further showcase the band’s incredibly infectious synth-pop melodies and funky falsetto vocal lines.

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I Know The Chief – Sahara

i know the chief

Yesterday marked the release of the debut EP from Melbourne’s I Know The Chief and although it feels like it came out of nowhere for me, Disco Demolition Night has been a long time in the making. I heard Stay Coloured way back and let it slip under the radar so I’m glad I managed to snap onto this one quickly as they’re probably the coolest, truly new act to grace the Australian scene this year.

I’ve heard the single Sahara be compared to shades of Gold Fields and I’d have to agree in the vocals particularly, although they bring into it parts of Last Dinosaurs and the overseas indie act that started this style in the first place, Two Door Cinema Club. It’s fast, it’s dance-y and fucking catchy. You’ll be playing some kind of dorky air guitar like me by at least the sixth listen, it’s impossible not to.

They describe their euphoric sound as ‘Jungle Disco’. Have a listen and see if you agree. I’d say that’s spot on.

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Twinsy – Tear It Down


Apparently for the latest release from Victorians, Twinsy, they were locked in a studio for 12 hours (standard band stuff), and fed only pizza and corn chips (also standard band stuff) to see what sort of shit they would come up with. Did you expect anything but this to happen in the film clip? The single itself, Tear It Down, is as messy as the film clip; a surreal mix of hollow group vocals, bassy electronics and misplaced effects.

Tear It Down is in anticipation of their forthcoming EP Espiritus which is out October 31st of this very year. Mark it in your calendar.

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Grizfolk – Hymnals (RAC Remix)


Ahhh, yet again. RAC  has developed another gangbuster remix of stellar up-and-comers Grizfolk and their rock epic and opener on the EP, Hymnals. Both the original and the remix are cool little bastards.

Similar to the earlier single The Struggle, Grizfolk have this ability to drive with edgy rock vibes, beats and pumping electronics with this faint hint of folk throughout. RAC’s remix is just the most unbelievable track for a Friday, so crack a cold one, whack this on and get mental.

Grizfolk’s debut EP From The Spark was released on February of this year and is available for purchase on iTunes.

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Redinho – Get You Off My Mind


The debut self-titled album from UK artist Redinho arrived this week with a big splash. The solo project of London-based Tom Calvert has been teasing the record’s groundbreaking modernized funk sound as of late with newest singles Playing With Fire and the more recent Get You Off My Mind.

At some points of this debut effort, Redinho gets a bit Jackson 5 on us, creating funky, dance beats that mix 70’s style noise with his own electro world – especially in tracks like Going Nowhere. He darts between grime, hip-hop and funk and while it does get a bit cheesy at some points, it’s worth a tip of the cap when you hear how daring this effort is given the current electronic landscape.

The first album release in his labels decade-long history, Redinho is an album that conjures up visions of the deep sea, deep space, not-so-deep Jacuzzi parties and everything in between, binding them together into an aesthetic that’s both stylish and starry-eyed.

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PANAMA reveal official music video for Stay Forever


After releasing the dream-pop wonderment that was Stay Forever earlier this year, Sydney’s Panama have dished out the official music video. Visually it’s pretty incredible, with one half of the vid set in a mountainous wreck of a landscape. It all feels a little cold and bleak from the get go – which matches the track brilliantly to be honest. You need that beautiful setting to prick your attention really. It’s one of those vids where the song doesn’t start until halfway through and then only features a portion of the actual radio edit.

During the process though, it’s pretty much people swimming, which is great when you think all there really is to concentrate on is some killer music and ambient imagery. Check it out below.

Yellerkin – Tools


Hailing from the epicentre of Brooklyn NY, a place currently on fire with great new artists of late, Adrian Galvin & Luca Buccellati (the two guys that make up Yellerkin) have received a fair brunt of the blog loving over the last year or so. With their unique stylistic brand of music that pulsates energy & emotion through-out, the new track, Tools is more of the same stuff that brought them into the popular circle in the first place.

Like a slow moving electronic version of Foster The People or even closer to something like ON AN ON, I wouldn’t call it ground breaking – but it’s definitely enough to spark further investigation on a hot Wednesday morning. Breaking into an unbelievably fun climax at about the 3 minute mark, it’s one of those epic sections of a song where you’re left thinking, “God! Play it again”, when it moves on to another section.

Yellerkin released their self titled debut EP last year.  Solar Laws is the lead track from the EP and it’s available for free download on Soundcloud.

Japanese Wallpaper Ft Jesse Davidson – Between Friends

japanese wallpaper

To keep up the theme of dream-pop I’ve had going of late, I thought I’d introduce our international friends to Melbourne man Japanese Wallpaper, an unreal collaboration producer who has already worked with highly regarded Australian artists such as Pepa Knight (of Jinja Safari fame)racking up hundred of thousands of plays on Soundcloud in the meantime.

The latest track, Between Friends features Jesse Davidson and it has a very FEAR-CLUB-esque sound to it. Chimes and other sorts of tinny percussion vibrate the walls of this vessel, with passive electronics and very unpretentious vocals landing us in a very sexy entanglement.

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PROM – Flickers


The first single to be released from Ghost Beach’s Crazy Hearts record label is called Flicker and its owners, PROMattribute to it the perfect melding of high flying, seasonal dream-pop and wavy electronics. It’s akin to acts like New Zealand’s The Naked & Famous or Phantogram. Appropriately busy drum tracks pulsate throughout this track, lifting up every section of the piece, especially the vocal melodies of Gabriel Stanley, which range from lethargic to simply skyrocketing.

The label debut from both PROM and Crazy Heart Records shows promise, both in the music of the band itself and the selection skills of the boys at Ghost Beach. Bring on the rest.

ALBUM REVIEW: Catfish & The Bottlemen – The Balcony


This article first appeared on The AU Review

Fans of the UK indie-pop scene rejoice, there’s a new “Next Big Thing” on it’s way. They go by the name of Catfish & The Bottlemen,  and they should be awarded this title with good reason. Illuminating the best parts of the old school Brit-pop alumni, circa Oasis, while booming with the freshness of current day colleagues like Artic Monkeys, their debut full length The Balcony is set to be released in Australia on the 19th of September and if I didn’t insist you pick it up this Friday I doubt I’d be able to look myself in the mirror again.

The musical saga that is The Balcony all begins with Homesick, the most perfect opener I’ve heard in a very long time. Guitars and vocals stalk an imaginary scene, setting up an album that references sex and alcoholism so many times you might think it was in fact frontman Van McCann who invented Rock N’ Roll.

While boasting sophistication in spades, The Balcony emulates a kind of British version of pub rock grittiness with anger infused throughout. It’s clear in the vocals of tracks like the previously released Kathleen, sweet with suburban working class spirit and confused emotional angst. The single, Cocoon merges the sounds of early naughties acts like Fastball, Travis or even further back to the aforementioned Oasis, with funky folk outlines surrounding the tale of a drunken adventure.

In amongst all the garage rock delight, Catfish & The Bottlemen sneak in some brilliant, straight-forward pop highlights in tracks like the emotionally charged Pacifier and the beautifully simplistic ballad, Hourglass. Towards the back end of the LP, songs like 26 and Sidewinder rough-house the playlist with stellar backing vocals and thrashing garage inspired guitars, while the 2013 single Rango brightens with familiarity and a little bit of folk.

It’s probably Business that really sums up the vibe of the album though. The lyrics glide with a kind of naivety and hopelessness, topped off by drunken shenanigans and promises of commitment. Guitars follow the vocals politely, melding to make a killer hook after killer hook. The whole act combines to really reach out through that one – and yes, Catfish & The Bottlemen, after listening I also want to make it my business.

All in all, The Balcony is a very solid and consistent debut from the Llandudno lads. One that sticks in the brain like TP to your shoe on a crazy night out. It’s all a bit disheveled but you’re enjoying yourself too much to notice or care.



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