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Born Joy Dead – Hey Blood


This is exciting. A side project from someone from Hungry Kids Of Hungary. I got into them when I lived in Canada, so it brings back some fun memories of cruising around on a snowboard listening to Scattered Diamonds.

Born Joy Dead is the new project of former Hungry Kids Of Hungary bassist Ben Dalton. After making a great impression among tastemakers and picking up national radio play with their debut single, the band are setting out to do it all again with their latest offering Hey Blood. And it’s seriously sick.

Born Joy Dead will be announcing a national tour in the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned guys.

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Parade Of Lights – The Island


I know this is late. I mean Parade Of Lights released this EP about 7 months ago. But while the rest of the world rejoiced, Australia only received availability of the rest of the work yesterday! Previously, I’d posted about Golden and We’re The Kids, but after hearing the rest of the effort it’s clear that the standout track from the EP is this one, The Island.

Basically, it kills. Synth pulses throughout the traffic of the track, flowing brilliantly against the lead vocalists emotionally charged melodies. It’s a historically effective pop track with a cheeky nod to the indie side in us all.

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