Eves The Behavior – TV


Now is definitely the time to strike for young solo female artists, with a slew of unreal tracks being released over the last year from some of the bigger names, and a crazy amount of underdogs like Kate Boy, Say Lou Lou and Chloe Howl to name a few. On Aussie soil it’s no different, as Brisbane native Eves The Behaviour has recently turned out a pretty sweet tune in her latest “TV”, bringing to life a beautifully dark and inherently Australian number that rivals the best of the global phenoms.

“TV” is a ‘deep bottle green’ according to Hannah Karydas’, the mysterious young lyricist and vocalist behind the Eves The Behavior moniker, who has quietly been crafting intriguingly disillusioned-pop since her independently released debut single “Zen” emerged on airwaves last year. The track was crafted with the help of New York born, Sydney based producer Eric J (Flight Facilities, Flume and Chet Faker).

Eves The Behavior’s “TV” will be available next Monday The 19th of January via iTunes and she’ll be playing at Laneway Festival 2015. The track below will unlock on Monday but for the meantime, check out her other stuff here.

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4 thoughts on “Eves The Behavior – TV

  1. Tina says:

    Good Lord this is glorious!

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