Wild Party – Life’s Too Short


We posted about Wild Party a long time ago with their wonderful pop track “When I Get Older”, and although we’re a bit late to the punch on this one, you could forgive us as their debut album Phantom Pop is STILL not available in Australia! Or at least not to Spotify users (screw iTunes). So I had to get on the backfoot here and scope it all out on YouTube, and picked out “Life’s Too Short” as the star track from the CD.

It’s an old school indie-pop tune, a-tune with classic acts like Rooney. Ten years ago and Wild Party could have very well been playing on an episode of The OC! It’s pretty straight forward, but that’s where these guys hit it best. It’s a bit romantic, very melodic and the good news is they always seem to sound like they’re partying, true to their name.

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