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Issue Fifteen

Thanks for all the love over Valentines Day. My last top ten post received quite high view-age. Unfortunately  not every post can be paired up with the most musically moving day of the year, so alas we’re back to our regular top tens. But don’t be afraid, this week there are some awesome tunes to go around and it seems a lot of them are very british-like. Nothing wrong with that.

10. Tan Vampires – Threads

I keep stumbling upon awesome tracks by these guys. I got the album, For Physical Fitness, and overlooked a lot of the tracks that didn’t immediately grab me. I truly regret that as it seems that a lot of Tan Vampires songs have that slow starting vibe with an epic reward somewhere in the middle. I Can Hear Them In The Dark is a sombre-toned, sort of electronic ballad that will really pull you in come chorus time. As with the majority of these top tens, I rely solely on YouTube to supply the selected clip for your listening pleasure. Unfortunately, Tan Vampires haven’t built up enough loyal followers yet to have their music illegally spread over the web. So I’ll have to leave you with another amazing track of theirs called Threads. Make sure you buy their album and check out how wonderful this is.

9. Chikinki – Bitte Bitte

Chikinki remind me a lot of The Rapture, and that in itself is enough to get many of your ears to prick as you say, OK…we’re listening. Maybe they’re not quite at the same level as The Rapture, but of course anything remotely close is enough to give it a good listen. There’s also some weird indie-disco sort of vibe in there somewhere that doesn’t really grab me so much but I’ve always loved the German language and it’s somehow sparked my interest in learning it further. Might even become a sort of theme song when I fly over there.
8. Dutch Uncles – Fester

In what I think is a music-off between friends, one of my friends and I like to trade new band calls to try and educate each other on that which is good yet no-one else knows about. I get a fair bit of new music this way and Dutch Uncles was tossed back in a suggestion after I told him about Everything Everything and their new album, Arc became our joint favourite of the week. Dutch Uncles are in the same awesome vein and will not disappoint.
7. The Oh! Hellos – Like The Dawn

The Oh! Hello’s are a prototype of what’s cool on Triple J and I guess the rest of the mainstream indie world right now. That whole folk-indie thing that bands like Of Monsters and Men and Alt-J seem to have ridden on the back of. I found them after signing up an account on Bandcamp as they are used as the big “success story” on how bands can get big off that particular social networking site. They actually have an amazing album that’s available at their bandcamp site for only $8
6. The Drums – Days

The Drums are so old school.  Days is the second track off their album Portamento and for me, it’s the most solid track on the album. Simplistic and soulful in it’s delivery yet powerful in it’s minimalism. That, combined with their artwork and videos, seem to paint a decent picture of the Brooklyn, NY streets they’re from.
5. The Pigeon Detectives – Need To Know This

These guys have a new album coming out very very soon. I haven’t checked them out in years since their debut effort with classic hits like I’m Not Sorry, but this development has me excited. Not only do I get a new LP to check out soon, but I get to go back and play with two whole other albums that I missed along the way. While we wait for the new one, We Met At Sea, to be released April 29th, I’ll leave you with my favourite from the back catalogue.
4. Apartment – Tokyo For Miko

I was told Apartment sounded a lot like Interpol. Not even close. That’s why you guys read this blog instead of iTunes reviews right? It’s not exactly a scoop, I know. But it’s the stone cold truth coming from a trusted source. I think they sound a lot closer to We Are Scientists. Which is not bad in the slightest, the proof being they were awarded fourth spot this week. Classic line – “What if I like you cause you’re Japanese”. Inversely racist much?
3. The Answering Machines – Obviously Cold

This song races through every verse and chorus with so much fun and excitement it’s hard not to love. Plus, anything in an English accent suddenly so much cheekier. Not sure why. This song is pretty straight forward. It’s great. Not much more that needs to be said.
2. Future Screens – Pallin’ Around

Don’t ask me what Pallin’ Around means. I wouldn’t even be able to guess to be honest. This song was released as the only new original on a short EP they did with three songs just moved over from their old debut album. Was the only one I really decided to listen to as I’d already heard and loved the others and this single kicks it with the best of them. It’s electronic indie music at the absolute pinnacle of greatness. It’s got beat, it’s got melody, it’s got character. You don’t even have to give the song a name I understand, I still love it. Weird YouTube clip though bro.
1. Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier

The Biff is back! Biffy Clyro can only really be described as anthemic. Everything they do is epic by nature. They write what can only be described as the Lord of the Rings of musical arrangements. Not the musical arrangements written for the Lord of the Rings movies…but like…it was an epic, crazy big, adventurous, successful movie with massive landscapes and concepts…and Biffy Clyro is a bit like that. Yeah alright, bad metaphor. And I could’ve easily just back-spaced to get rid of that. But I didn’t. Cause this blog is idiotic by nature. Black Chandelier is the band right where they left off with their amazing previous album, Only Revolutions, absolutely bringing the house down. The live version is also probably even better than the recorded. They are epic.
Blalock’s March just came out. So you can be sure that a shit-tonne of good stuff is coming your way. You could stick around for me to write about it, or you could just download it from the far superior blog that is BIRP! Either way, thanks for reading.

Future Screens: Toss Up

Yes. Just Yes. I literally just checked this one now and found that Future Screens finally have uploaded the song they promised us all. Mind you it’s only one song; and it’s a cover. Although it’s a friggen awesome cover, I’m not sure whether to be pleased or disappointed by this.  I kind of expected more.

What are your thoughts? One Summer,  Good enough?

5 Albums To Look For In 2013

Gold Fields – Black Sun (March)

My favourite new Australian band are set to release their debut album “Black Sun” this coming March and I couldn’t be more excited. They’ve been very slow to release any information or early tracks which is only helping to build the excitement world wide. The first single off the album “Dark Again (Lights Out)” is already on the Triple J hit list as well as getting smashed out daily on Channel V and has previously received a number one spot on this blog.

Black Sun is the product of a journey that began in the summer of 2011, when the band decamped to Los Angeles to spend six weeks working with producer Mickey Petralia (Ladytron, Peaches) and then retreated to a remote Australian farm manor to continue writing songs, which they later recorded with Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Sleepy Jackson, Silverchair) as co-producer/engineer. After learning a lot from both Horscroft and Petralia, Gold Fields decided to re-record and produce the whole album themselves in leader singer Mark Fuller’s parents garage in Ballarat.

Phoenix – TBA (April)

Word on the street is that Phoenix have done some recordings for the new album, presumably titled TPC, and describe it as very experimental. In an interview with at Sydney’s Good Vibrations Festival, Thomas Mars and Deck D’Arcy revealed that the new recordings might be a departure from the ‘hooky pop’ of their last album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

In the interview they mentioned a lot of drum machines and percussions will be influencing the new tracks as well as some orchestral parts but an interesting comment was made about recording with percussionists in Byron Bay. Although I do dig experimental Phoenix, I’m really hoping the album isn’t traditional Byron Bay style a.k.a bongo’s over a homeless guy that can barely play two chords on a rusty guitar. I’m actually anticipating something more to the degree of their effort two albums ago in United. This band seems to skip styles every two albums, with It’s Never Been Like That sounding closer to 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and United being reminiscent of Alphabetical. 

Foals – Holy Fire (February)

Foals have taken nearly three years to deliver the sequel to Total Life Forever and let’s be honest, it had to be a good one. February in 2013 marks their third studio album, which is highly anticipated after the guys went quiet for quite some time.

Speaking to NME about the new album, frontman Yannis Philippakis recently said, “There are some heavier moments and some dirtier moments. It’s swampy, some of the grooves are quite stinky. There’s a track called ‘My Number’ that had a Curtis Mayfield groove which was pretty unashamedly funk, for want of a better word”.

I’m also heavily jealous of friends who are travelling the UK in the next few months as they also plan to tour pretty fiendishly following the release of this record, and with tracks like My Number and Inhaler already showcased it’s safe to say their shows will have gotten a shit tonne more enjoyable than the cargo loads of fun it already was.

Fenech-Soler – TBA (March-May)

Cult-status electronic rockers Fenech-Soler premiered the video for their single “All I know” back in October, 2012. As it was their first new original material in 2 years I was understandably excited for what is to come while the band finishes up their second album, slated for a Spring 2013 release. While no other songs have yet been heard, the first single has all the same anthemic quality that Demons had from their first album with big massive buildups carried by singer Ben Duffy’s voice crashing into pulsating four-to-the-floor drops. 

If this upcoming release is anything at all like their first studio album, fans and soon-to-be fans are going to be in for an absolute treat. These guys remind me of a UK version of something like The Presets. Not as specific as sounding like them, but in the way that they have that uncanny ability to take electro-rock music into the most unbelievably catchy domain it could ever possibly go into. Between Duffy’s amazing voice and form and the beat of tracks like Golden Sun and Stone Bridge, it only takes a few listens to start kicking yourself and wondering why you didn’t hear this stuff years ago.

Future Screens – TBA (January)

Never heard of Future Screens? Not many people have. It’s hard to understand the logistics behind a band of this calibre only obtaining a measly 1,000 likes on Facebook once you’ve heard their releases so far. Songs like Don’t Stop (which was heavily favoured on the sterling BIRP! July playlist) and Sidewalk Chalk were two of my favourite releases from 2012 and it was not even a difficult decision to sideline my hate for junk mail from random pointless websites and sign up for Future Screens band camp newsletters.

It was only the other day I received an email informing me of this future release and although nothing has yet appeared on the internet, iTunes or even Band Camp (I’m assuming due to the bands humble status and lack of music label), I can only assume based on every single thing they’ve done so far that when this new album is ejected unto the world it will be one of the best things to grace your ears in 2013.

Issue One

Welcome to The Whamtam Ten. A bi-weekly blog post featuring the top ten songs of the fortnight on rotation in my iPod. I’m trying to feature a lot of songs and artists that are not very well known by most people hence why I get unnecessarily excited about showing them to everyone.

Being the first week of doing this, and it being the beginning of the final month of winter, I’ve had a lot of chill/upbeat songs that seem to hypnotize from time to time. But that’s enough typage. Here are the top ten songs for this week.

10. Urban Cone – Freak

These Swedish guys remind me a little bit of Miike Snow for some reason. I started listening to this song a couple of months back which is why it comes in at number 10. However, and it’s still in my rotation and that says a lot!

9. Fixers – Floating Up
Fixers are apparently quite big in the UK. I downloaded the full album and didn’t really dig the rest of the songs. But disregard that comment because the single “Floating Up” is wicked and the “woah”-ish stuff in the intro gets stuck in your head in such a good way.
8. Mike Landry – Heartbeat
This is pretty much an electro/indie instrumental apparently of another song that I’ve never heard before but I love this version. I caught my sister listening to it earlier tonight and realised it had to go in the top ten somewhere. Great to listen to when you’re just chilling with your headphones in and blocking out everything around.
7. Stepdad – Show Me Your Blood
The songs not as evil or hardcore as the title suggests. This synth-pop/good times band has an amazing new album out at the moment called “Wildlife Pop” and every single track is pretty much awesome. This just happens to be my favourite. Listen to the rest at
6. Glowbug – Heatwave
The coolest thing about this find is that if you go to you can download the new album “Suit of Swords” for free. Glowbug is Daniel Anderson and he’s a generous dude giving away most his LP’s free of charge on the net. Heatwave is the single off his album and it’s absolutely wicked. Glad he turned down the reverb on the vocals for this album, it’s a good effect but at least now we can make out what he’s saying.
5. Beat Connection – Saola
This song is just straight up fun. You feel like getting out the pots and pans and singing along while you tap on anything around you. Catchy lyrics too. Don’t know too much about their other songs but this one has been on repeat at least a few times a day this week.
4. Little Comets – Language Is Over
Well. I am a MASSIVE fan of Little Comets ever since I discovered their single “Worry” and I literally have loved every single song they’ve done so far. It is because of this I’m so excited about their new album coming out called “Life Is Elsewhere”. Before this, they did a small EP in anticipation with one of the tracks being this great emotional piano number. Such a good use of his voice.
3. Future Screens – Don’t Stop
These guys also have a great and consistent album that is available on for only $5. I originally wanted to put a song called “Sidewalk Chalk” up as number 3 but I couldn’t source it from YouTube or anywhere else so here is the single. It’s just as worthy of being number 3.
2. Summer Camp – Better Off Without You
I really like this song. It’s been on repeat for a while now and I keep picturing the eighties all the time when I listen to it. I got into these guys because of a really good remix of their song “Losing My Mind” by St Etienne which you should also check out if you have time. But for the mean time, “Better off Without You” is just fun.
1. Kyle Andrews – Sushi
This song is so fricken fun I don’t really know how to describe it. I found it as the background song on the trailer for the Isenseven snowboard movie “Lets Go Get Lost” and it’s just stuck in my head forever. It’s such a good song though and it comes in as number one as my attempt to force everyone to like the music I like.
Hope you enjoyed these and maybe discovered some new music to chill to. Until next time.