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Album Of The Month: September

Once again it was an easy choice for album of the month in September. Last Dinosaurs newest release, ‘In A Million Years’ is super consistent from beginning to end. I’ve already displayed their single Zoom in Issue Four of our Whamtam Ten and it’s safe to confirm that the rest of the album is just as good, if not better.

After Zoom they shoot straight out with the absolutely amazing track I Can’t Help You  (my favourite on the album) which shoots between edgy rock and that brit pop style indie verse that makes you so enthusiastic about everything you want to shout along all chorus long. Songs like Weekend and Honolulu turn down the fast paced harder style that some of their stuff have and make for some seriously catchy, chilled out tracks. Their track Andy reminds me a lot of that fun, bouncy style that Two Door Cinema Club got so famous doing and continues to show off how versatile In A Million Years really is.

Basically, this album is a perfect glimpse into how fricken good Australian music really is getting (or has gotten rather) at the moment. I’ve been scouring through this album over and over again from beginning to end the whole month and I can’t recommend any higher. If you get a chance, buy it. Don’t think about it. Buy it. You won’t regret.