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Fresh from the Pond


Matt Pond PA – The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand

Matt Pond has admittedly been around for a while. With a collective 16 records under his belt spanning a career of a decade and a half with his band Matt Pond PA, of which he is the only consistent member. Don’t let the age fool you though, he’s no classic, with his newest release proving to be just as hip and with it as anything you could find at your local hipster hang-out. The album, entitled The Lives Inside the Lines in your Hand, came out on February 5th of this year, and is not yet downloadable on Australian iTunes. That’s a problem I seem to continue to face with these bands that aren’t so big over here. Nevertheless I’ve managed to pinch a listen from various blogs and determined that this is an album a long time coming in this genre.

Liken to Aussie artist Josh Pyke, and possibly even City & Colour, with this kind of country style acoustic-pop, I haven’t heard something completely brilliant from start to finish in many years. Matt Pond PA are good at what they do and rightfully so after playing for that long. Their lead track from the album, Love to Get Used, is absolutely stunning. From the get go it hooks you in with a fluttering lick on the lead guitar to compliment the fast paced rhythm and bass alongside lyrics that come across as excitedly blue as weird as that description may sound.

Like I said, we can’t get the rest of the album yet, so I suggest you go and check out as much as you can on YouTube. For now, I present via the video below, Love To Get Used by Matt Pond PA.

Issue Twelve

Back for the first Issue of the new year with some pretty unreal stuff. The next few Issues are sure to be crazy exciting with albums coming out all over the place (including Everything Everything’s newbie coming out this month that I forgot to put into the 5 Albums to Look for). It turns out that I’m so keen to chuck out the first top ten of the year that I coincidentally haven’t got much to say about it. I’m sure it speaks for itself.

10. A B & The Sea – In The Sunshine

A B & The Sea. Even just by the name you can tell that these guys could be the poster boys of pop and that they are. In The Sunshine is just your typical catchy pop song that has the possibility of becoming annoying if heard one too many times. That being said, it has had it’s moment in the sun for a long while on my iPod and this spot in the top ten is well deserved, although there is much more pressing matters to attend to. For lovers of HAL (anyone remember them?), or I guess even people that liked fun. before they got terribly repetitive and boring.

9. Twin Shadow – The One

It has taken me a very long time to have any opinion at all on Twin Shadows critically acclaimed album Confess. Eventually I gave it a second listen and got this half decent track out of it. It’s definitely an acquired taste, unless you really enjoy music from 80’s buddy cop movies…then you’ve probably already heard this before. 
8. Foxes – Clarity

I honestly think I could love Foxes forever in an emotional capacity based solely on her voice. It’s encapsulating and transcends anything that Richard Mercer could even dream about. *insert cheesy 80’s late night sex line vocabulary while dressed in a maroon silk robe and a tumbler glass of scotch etc. That’s not even based on looks. But Foxes, whilst having an absolutely amazing voice, actually writes some kick ass music. This being one of the aforementioned songs that has a hand in the kicking of said ass.
7. Matt Pond PA – Specks

I found out about these guys whilst researching Christmas Songs for the last Issue but they’re actually really good. They’re a tad old I believe and I can’t believe I’d never heard of them as apparently they have a weird connection to Bryan Adams. Maybe they used to play in bands together or something of the sort. All I can say is they’re awesome at writing acoustic gems and will easily make your playlist if you also dig artists like Josh Pyke or to a lesser extent City & Colour.

6. Art Of Sleeping – Above The Water

I just heard this song today on Triple J so it well and truly snuck up on me. Can’t say much about Art of Sleeping. They’ve been around for a while I know that but I never really took to them. Have a bit of a feeling this is a one off pick too but it’s quite a good song and deserved a little more respect then a late spot.
5. Tan Vampires – Digital Rot

I found out about Tan Vampires from the good folks at Good Indie Music (@goodindiemusic on instagram) simply because I loved their album art work. Turns out the songs aren’t half bad either. This is the stand out track of the album although I Found A Body rivals it hard. It’s very folksy, but lately I seem to be liking that. Make sure to drop by their facebook page and give them a like if you dig because they have a measly 1,000 fans and deserve way more with beauties like this.
4. CHVRCHES – We Sink

CHVRCHES are back in the top ten! I knew they’d make it as soon as they released something else. I had a feeling about these guys. I actually found this live studio version of one of their other songs and it was so perfect live that I felt it could go right into the top ten even though they haven’t released it properly on iTunes or anything official. Watch out for CHVRCHES in 2013 though, they’re going to cause a big fuss.
3. The Cast Of Cheers – Human Elevator

The Cast Of Cheers, Family. What a classic album. It was super hard to pick this as one of the tracks I would put into this Issue but here we are. I think you can tell I’m hinting at a recommendation to go out and sample the rest of the album. Seriously, do yourself a favour. If you like Foals or Late of the Pier you’ll love these guys after a few listens. I actually found out about them through one of those “If you bought Foals, you’ll like…” on iTunes. Apparently they’re in the top 50 most played songs on Triple J of 2012…good for them.
2. Tigertown – Morning Has Finally Come

This is a massive stretch at number two. I gave it a chance and it came good. Another song that I’ve only heard recently courtesy of Triple J and I decided I liked it well enough to put it here. May feel like in a few weeks time that it was a bit premature but it’s a real quality song and plods through the whole track with that whole racing vibe given off by a very vibrant percussion and symphony of vocal harmonics. Effervescent in it’s delivery. In pretentious speak…that means it fizzes. What I mean by that I have no idea.
1. Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Oh my frigging good lord almighty. This is basically the reason I decided I wanted to do another post tonight. I heard this and went absolutely bonkers. I love Everything Everything. Have been a massive fan ever since I heard their first single in my van in Canada from an English mate. But Kemosabe has to be without a doubt the best song they’ve released to date. I really hope to see them create a stir this year. I love their out on control frenzied sound that always comes off melodically perfect through it all behind the most unique and well used vocals I’ve heard in a very long time. The new album, entitled Arc, comes out in 5 freaking days! Now I’m not sure if that’s UK release date or the Australian release date but it’s sure to be soon and I am more excited than ever. It’s going to be raining epic albums for the next four months!

Issue Eleven: Christmas & New Years Edition

‘Tis the season to be fucking glad that most of us finally have time off to sleep in. Amidst all the parties and binge drinking that I’m sure will be filling up this happy season there’s always one in every group that insists on blasting Christmas tunes to get into the spirit. Problem is, Christmas tunes are traditionally boring. Not many new “classics” have arisen on the charts since the 1930’s so they tend to become a bit repetitive and reminiscent of a poorly crafted school song written by honestly talented musicians out of obligation, making abundantly clear that what they lack in passion they make up for in uniformity.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just because they don’t get much coverage doesn’t mean there aren’t awesome Christmas tunes out there, although you can’t escape the presence of sleigh bells in almost all of them. I’ve put together Issue Eleven as a triumphant seasonal cacophony so that your end of year festivities might be that tiny bit more enjoyable.

10. The Maine – Ho Ho Hopefully

The Maine released a pretty sweet little Christmas EP a year or so ago with some actually decent original songs (although their cover of George Michael’s Last Christmas sucked). I particularly like this one and I hope you do too.

9. Motion City Soundtrack – Together We’ll Ring In The New Year

This is an absolute classic. I don’t think it was meant as a seasonal tune but came off their second album as one of the stand-out tracks. Not that we like listening to sad songs on New Years.
8. Hot Hot Heat – Christmas Day In The Sun

Hot Hot Heat admittedly isn’t for everyone. That being said, they’re one of my favourite bands and I’ve had to fight friends to get them to listen in return for a constant slew of mixed reviews. But hey, it’s Christmas so give them a chance.
7. Ohbijou – New Years

I know absolutely nothing about this band but stumbled across them in my search for seasonal greatness. They definitely impressed and this song, although once again not particularly festive in nature, impressed so much that I bumped it to seven in spite of other songs I have loved for years.
6. Passion Pit – All These Trees

Not really sure how I feel about this song but it’s Passion Pit and it’s a Christmas song. So simply on that merit I’m jumping it to number six on my Santa list. It’s actually not bad towards the end. The best part about it is it sounds very much like something off their first album.
5. Snow In Mexico – You & My Winter

Now the top five is where we start getting into the really impressive take on Christmas and New Years. This one is particularly awesome in the fact that not only is it an original song but it somehow manages to pull at your heartstrings without even being able to audibly hear most of the lyrics. It’s quite a dark vibe from these guys during a lovely time of the year but it’s OK because the song itself is one that will last all through the year.
4. Matt Pond PA – Holiday Road

What would holiday memories be without at some point in your life watching National Lampoon’s Vacation. Those cheeky Griswold’s getting up to all kinds of mischief all across America. This was the theme song from the movie (or at least one of the movies) and was one of my favourite tracks around this time of year. Matt Pond PA’s version is quite different but a wicked take on a funky track originally written by Lindsay Buckingham from Fleetwood Mac.
3. Death Cab For Cutie – Merry Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anything new from Death Cab that I’ve really stuck with. They used to be one of my favourite acts and I guess still are. This semi-merry Christmas track is a classic, re-tuned to the sombre key that Death Cab are so wickedly famous for. It’s the second best re-make in this here list.
2. The Wombats – Is This Christmas?

I know by this time in the list, everyone is probably thinking, “Now there’s nothing very Christmas like about this list, most of the songs are sad, anti-festive pseudo-jubilations”. To be honest, What kind of association do we have with ANY of the traditional Christmas songs? We don’t have snow for one and that’s included in like 90% of songs on the standard roster. Just enjoy the brilliance of The Wombats. It’s good music like this that makes me happy on Christmas Day.
1. Jimmy Eat World – Last Christmas

Now this is the absolute best Christmas cover I’ve ever heard. Mr. James E. World just demolished George Michael’s version of this Christmas classic in the same way they always do. It’s something special to take a song like this and add such an obvious touch of you’re own signature sound. It almost doesn’t sound like a cover. Perfect way to finish up the list. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone! See you in 2013.