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CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe first stream

CHVRCHES debut album The Bones Of What You Believe has been anticipated worldwide for the good part of a year and now we can finally rejoice as Faster Louder has begun streaming the album ahead of its supposed release tomorrow.

Exciting stuff. Check it out through the link below.

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The Naked & Famous Are Back

I love these guys. Even if it is mainly because they remind me a lot of my time living in Canada. But of course, also because they’re pretty epic. The Naked & Famousin case you’ve recently been in a freak super-modified-shovel-racing accident (yes it’s a thing) and found yourself trapped in a coma from early 2008 until this specific moment, are a brilliant (apparently) post-punk revival outfit from Auckland, New Zealand.

Their debut album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, was a thing of beauty, rearing instant festival classics like Punching in a Dream, Young Blood and an amazing electro-ballad that turned out to be my personal favourite, No WayThe album reached a height of #25 on both the UK and Australian charts while peaking all the way to #1 in NZ.

Just yesterday, exciting happenings happened when the band debuted their latest track, Hearts Like Ours, across various social platforms. The single is in line with a lot of their previous stuff. The sound is equally as huge as their previous summer anthems and just as enjoyable, with brilliant melodies and harmonies spanning the chorus enforced by grunge-toned guitar and  passionately paced keyboard.

The new album, entitled In Rolling Waves, is set for a September 16th release.

A couple of years ago, they also released a really awesome remix of Austere by the similar sounding Canadian favourites, The Joy Formidable.

Fresh from the Pond


Matt Pond PA – The Lives Inside The Lines In Your Hand

Matt Pond has admittedly been around for a while. With a collective 16 records under his belt spanning a career of a decade and a half with his band Matt Pond PA, of which he is the only consistent member. Don’t let the age fool you though, he’s no classic, with his newest release proving to be just as hip and with it as anything you could find at your local hipster hang-out. The album, entitled The Lives Inside the Lines in your Hand, came out on February 5th of this year, and is not yet downloadable on Australian iTunes. That’s a problem I seem to continue to face with these bands that aren’t so big over here. Nevertheless I’ve managed to pinch a listen from various blogs and determined that this is an album a long time coming in this genre.

Liken to Aussie artist Josh Pyke, and possibly even City & Colour, with this kind of country style acoustic-pop, I haven’t heard something completely brilliant from start to finish in many years. Matt Pond PA are good at what they do and rightfully so after playing for that long. Their lead track from the album, Love to Get Used, is absolutely stunning. From the get go it hooks you in with a fluttering lick on the lead guitar to compliment the fast paced rhythm and bass alongside lyrics that come across as excitedly blue as weird as that description may sound.

Like I said, we can’t get the rest of the album yet, so I suggest you go and check out as much as you can on YouTube. For now, I present via the video below, Love To Get Used by Matt Pond PA.

Issue Fourteen

I hate the long wait for new albums. They always seem to announce all the good stuff months before they’re due to be released and make everyone just sit on their excitement, twiddling their ears (I don’t know if that makes sense but seems like the more likely body part to be affected in this instance). Gold Fields released Dark Again back in October with the album due to be released in March. Foals new record, Holy Fire still has two days before it pops. Don’t even get me started on Northeast Party House. They promised a full length album back in October sometime and I haven’t even seen a preview yet.

With that aside, all this waiting forced me to take a look back at some older stuff, pick peoples brains. Hell, I even attended a music festival on the weekend for some extra inspiration. Seriously but, fuck Laneway was good. Divine Fits, Japandroids and High High’s had to be amongst my favourites, but I admit I did get sucked into Alt-J and even The  Ruebens a little bit. Don’t blame me if today’s top ten is a little outdated, they’re still epic tunes.
10. Divine Fits – My Love Is Real

This, without a doubt, had to be one of the highlights of Laneway. I was a party to some risky business in ducking out on Bat For Lashes headlining set on the main stage to go see these guys and they did not disappoint. Got there just in time for their killer single Flaggin’ a Ride, but it was the songs like My Love Is Real that really stood out. I didn’t take to the song in the recorded form but after hearing it live I was well and truly hooked.
9. Alt-J – Taro

This song comes courtesy of another sterling Laneway moment. I never really bought into the hype around British Indie/Folk outfit Alt-J. Still don’t really. But I had to admit, sitting on a small grassy hill with friends on a bright day with a beer in one hand, a cider in the other, and Taro playing perfectly in the background. It was one for the memory bank.
8. The Jezabels – Rosebud

Rosebud is an absolutely beautiful track that is also quite a bit older than most the songs I post on this blog. It’s just been playing in the office on someone’s playlist for so long I couldn’t escape it and finally pulled out Shazam to grab this one for myself. When I say quite a bit old, I mean 2011. Listening to it you’d think it was something straight out of the nineties though. I don’t even like the nineties all that much but that’s only a tribute to how good The Jezabels really are.
7. Active Child – Hanging On

Another oldie that’s also on the work playlist. I’ve had it stuck in my head for a while now. It looks like this track was also released in 2011 and sports a similar kind of folky, indie feel to a lot of what’s in at the moment (according to the Hottest 100 results this year). Hearing this all the time at work is definitely not doing any favours for my productivity. Although it’s a wicked track, it does have the potential to hypnotize you to sleep.

6. High Highs – In A Dream

High Highs have to be my favourite live act from Laneway. I really wanted to see their set beforehand but wasn’t sure of time. A friend and I suddenly found ourselves wandering and drawn to a kind of “that’s a nice song coming from that stage, we should check it out”, situation. We read the set times wrong and only realised at the very end of the set when they played Open Season that it was actually High Highs. I would’ve posted that particular song but this one is their newbie and it still does them justice.
5. CYMBALS – The Natural World

I usually celebrate the first of every month with the release of a new BIRP! playlist. However, 2013 hasn’t been as spot on as it usually is, resulting in less notice worthy songs than I could count on one hand per issue. Keep in mind that the playlist is usually around a 120 song offering. That aside, I guess I can forgive them because one is better than none, and CYMBALS came along and saved the day. The Natural World can be a bit simple and haggard at times but that’s what I like about it. You can almost imagine writing this yourself on your Dad’s old synth and a computer in the garage even though you’ve never played synth or even have an elementary understanding of how it works. Not me…you.
4. The Royal Concept – Lost In You

I raved about the “faux Phoenix” Swedish outfit, The Royal Concept early on and included most of their EP in previous countdowns that I’ve done. So naturally, when I heard their new single World On Fire, I thought to myself…THIS…IS…LAME? Not expecting that? Me neither. Luckily for them, I found this doozy lying around iTunes and it roped me back in. They’re a talented band but that new single sounds like they’ve been chosen to represent for the EuroVision contest and not in a good way. This one is great though. The singer has a very cool and impressive voice and the band are terrific instrumentalists and they just nailed it with Lost In You, putting together a simple, likeable tune.
3. Gold Fields – Happy Boy

The only reason this is third is because I already kind of half blogged about it. I wrote a post in itself announcing Happy Boy as Gold Fields brilliant new track but wasn’t able to find the YouTube clip. Well, it’s up but I feel it would be rude to the others if I also made it number one. That aside, this is an absolutely unreal song and in my opinion, the worst track on the upcoming record. Not saying it’s bad. Just saying it’s the least awesome in what is a stunning mistress of a CD.
2. Japandroids – Fire’s Highway

It’s gritty, haggard, brusiy even. But that’s what’s amazing about Canadian duo Japandroids, I still feel a bit old or weird saying it in this day and age (even though the word’s ‘day’ and ‘age’ used in conjunction make me sound old anyway) but they are pure Rock N’ Roll. Like real, thrash about playing a shitty guitar, screaming down the mic with the crowd sweating and charging along. These guys actually made Laneway for me. They played at that point where you’re just the right type of drunk and the only word to describe every single track they write is anthemic. This song in recorded form just doesn’t do them justice.
1. POP ETC – Speak Up

I feel weird putting this at number one. But it’s such a fucking cool song. Yes, the band name sounds like they’re going to be a little cheesy. Yes, most of their songs are a little cheesy, not this one thankfully. And YES, this was released as part of the Twilight soundtrack. My sister maintains that Twilight, despite being an absolutely horrendously horrible series, release the best soundtracks. With tunes like this, I’m starting to believe her.
No I don’t proof-read my blog posts. You can figure it out if you’re that literarily obtuse. Also, add our instagram @theindierocksummit for music posts daily-ish.

I Am A Happy Boy

My excitement grows as Gold Fields debut album Black Sun approaches, due to be released in Australia on March 8th. They’ve literally just released previews of their second single “Happy Boy”, only at selected links. It’s reportedly the bands favourite track off the record and those of you who were excited enough to check out the trailer for Black Sun that I included in my 5 Albums To Look For in 2013″ post, may have heard it jiving away in the background.

Personally, although I love the song, I feel it’s a strange choice for the second single considering the pace they were growing at in the US with their enjoyable take on frenzied dance-pop. With that in mind, “Happy Boy” brings to them a dark side, and from hearing previews from the new album like “Ice”, they seem to take a leaf out of the revolutionary mixture of sombre and ultra-pop that The Cure did in the 80’s, without even remotely sounding like a rip-off 80’s revival. Gold Fields are legendary in their own right, and Black Sun, for me, is the single most highly anticipated album of 2013.

Future Screens: Toss Up

Yes. Just Yes. I literally just checked this one now and found that Future Screens finally have uploaded the song they promised us all. Mind you it’s only one song; and it’s a cover. Although it’s a friggen awesome cover, I’m not sure whether to be pleased or disappointed by this.  I kind of expected more.

What are your thoughts? One Summer,  Good enough?

TIRS Snapshot

Inspired by my complete lack of energy and the fact that I in all honesty shouldn’t have the time to post regularly on this blog, I noticed an absolutely great outlet on Instagram by the name of @goodindiemusic (also on facebook here). This guy (or guys/girls) posts one or two songs a day from just whatever they are listening to or think is sounding tops at that particular point in time.

Got me thinking that this phenomenon takes all the effort out of writing about music and songs. It’s perfect for this blog given that all I do anyway is post YouTube clips about which songs I like at the moment. So if you read my posts and like getting some new tunes to check out for breakfast, lunch and dinner…

Add me on Instagram @theindierocksummit

Fresh Tracks: Everything Everything

In December 2012, the world was supposed to end. God had planned on a rapture the likes of which had only been seen once before. Who by you ask? By Noah of course. The legendary bearded gentleman that built that fine wooden arc we’ve all heard about countless times throughout our youth. He and his family were chosen out of everybody in the world to carry on the human race because of their devotion to awesomeness.

Well this time around God chose a band named Everything Everything to build an Arc that would outlast the end of the world. But when December 21st, 2012 came around, to his surprise (and absolutely no one else’s) he was foiled by science. When the end of the world had been avoided, God said to the band, “Fuck. Sorry boys, I really thought that would work. But as long as you made that Arc we might as well do something good with it”. So in two fell swoops, God uncapped his magic marker, gently sniffed the tip of it, and turned their Arc into what will be one of the most impressive albums to come out in 2013.

So there you have it. Everything Everything’s new album, Arc. Engineered by God. Powered by divine intervention.

But seriously, this is only the tip of exciting news in releases to hit stores of all sorts this year but holy hell is it a fantastic start. When Everything Everything released their debut album Man Alive, it was interesting to say the least. Their attempt at mixing a kind of prog or art rock-esque styling with smooth pop didn’t seem too polished except for a few stand out tracks that became singles such as MY KZ, UR BF. It seems like they’ve well and truly crossed their T’s and dotted their lower case j’s in this second release.

The reviews for Arc are just beginning to come in from the major outlets and so far the sentiment is that it’s the work of a band at the top of their game. Described by most of the top reviewers as a more “honest” album than their first (whatever that means), the first single, Cough Cough, is being flogged like crazy here in Australia on Triple J and I believe it is one of the top 100 most played songs of the year on that particular channel. It’s fresher tracks like Kemosabe, Duet and Torso Of The Week that have me giddy like a twelve year old girl about this record. Showcasing all the best elements of the band including the most original use of falsetto in all the perfect places combined with hallmark Everything Everything harmonies and that static, creepy-crawly style guitar with soothing electronics. I know that description sounds like a whole lot of different noises and flows crashing around, but believe me it is such a perfectly melodic mess from beginning to end.

Everything Everything’s, Arc is available on iTunes as of right now. You can like their facebook page HERE.

Issue Twelve

Back for the first Issue of the new year with some pretty unreal stuff. The next few Issues are sure to be crazy exciting with albums coming out all over the place (including Everything Everything’s newbie coming out this month that I forgot to put into the 5 Albums to Look for). It turns out that I’m so keen to chuck out the first top ten of the year that I coincidentally haven’t got much to say about it. I’m sure it speaks for itself.

10. A B & The Sea – In The Sunshine

A B & The Sea. Even just by the name you can tell that these guys could be the poster boys of pop and that they are. In The Sunshine is just your typical catchy pop song that has the possibility of becoming annoying if heard one too many times. That being said, it has had it’s moment in the sun for a long while on my iPod and this spot in the top ten is well deserved, although there is much more pressing matters to attend to. For lovers of HAL (anyone remember them?), or I guess even people that liked fun. before they got terribly repetitive and boring.

9. Twin Shadow – The One

It has taken me a very long time to have any opinion at all on Twin Shadows critically acclaimed album Confess. Eventually I gave it a second listen and got this half decent track out of it. It’s definitely an acquired taste, unless you really enjoy music from 80’s buddy cop movies…then you’ve probably already heard this before. 
8. Foxes – Clarity

I honestly think I could love Foxes forever in an emotional capacity based solely on her voice. It’s encapsulating and transcends anything that Richard Mercer could even dream about. *insert cheesy 80’s late night sex line vocabulary while dressed in a maroon silk robe and a tumbler glass of scotch etc. That’s not even based on looks. But Foxes, whilst having an absolutely amazing voice, actually writes some kick ass music. This being one of the aforementioned songs that has a hand in the kicking of said ass.
7. Matt Pond PA – Specks

I found out about these guys whilst researching Christmas Songs for the last Issue but they’re actually really good. They’re a tad old I believe and I can’t believe I’d never heard of them as apparently they have a weird connection to Bryan Adams. Maybe they used to play in bands together or something of the sort. All I can say is they’re awesome at writing acoustic gems and will easily make your playlist if you also dig artists like Josh Pyke or to a lesser extent City & Colour.

6. Art Of Sleeping – Above The Water

I just heard this song today on Triple J so it well and truly snuck up on me. Can’t say much about Art of Sleeping. They’ve been around for a while I know that but I never really took to them. Have a bit of a feeling this is a one off pick too but it’s quite a good song and deserved a little more respect then a late spot.
5. Tan Vampires – Digital Rot

I found out about Tan Vampires from the good folks at Good Indie Music (@goodindiemusic on instagram) simply because I loved their album art work. Turns out the songs aren’t half bad either. This is the stand out track of the album although I Found A Body rivals it hard. It’s very folksy, but lately I seem to be liking that. Make sure to drop by their facebook page and give them a like if you dig because they have a measly 1,000 fans and deserve way more with beauties like this.
4. CHVRCHES – We Sink

CHVRCHES are back in the top ten! I knew they’d make it as soon as they released something else. I had a feeling about these guys. I actually found this live studio version of one of their other songs and it was so perfect live that I felt it could go right into the top ten even though they haven’t released it properly on iTunes or anything official. Watch out for CHVRCHES in 2013 though, they’re going to cause a big fuss.
3. The Cast Of Cheers – Human Elevator

The Cast Of Cheers, Family. What a classic album. It was super hard to pick this as one of the tracks I would put into this Issue but here we are. I think you can tell I’m hinting at a recommendation to go out and sample the rest of the album. Seriously, do yourself a favour. If you like Foals or Late of the Pier you’ll love these guys after a few listens. I actually found out about them through one of those “If you bought Foals, you’ll like…” on iTunes. Apparently they’re in the top 50 most played songs on Triple J of 2012…good for them.
2. Tigertown – Morning Has Finally Come

This is a massive stretch at number two. I gave it a chance and it came good. Another song that I’ve only heard recently courtesy of Triple J and I decided I liked it well enough to put it here. May feel like in a few weeks time that it was a bit premature but it’s a real quality song and plods through the whole track with that whole racing vibe given off by a very vibrant percussion and symphony of vocal harmonics. Effervescent in it’s delivery. In pretentious speak…that means it fizzes. What I mean by that I have no idea.
1. Everything Everything – Kemosabe

Oh my frigging good lord almighty. This is basically the reason I decided I wanted to do another post tonight. I heard this and went absolutely bonkers. I love Everything Everything. Have been a massive fan ever since I heard their first single in my van in Canada from an English mate. But Kemosabe has to be without a doubt the best song they’ve released to date. I really hope to see them create a stir this year. I love their out on control frenzied sound that always comes off melodically perfect through it all behind the most unique and well used vocals I’ve heard in a very long time. The new album, entitled Arc, comes out in 5 freaking days! Now I’m not sure if that’s UK release date or the Australian release date but it’s sure to be soon and I am more excited than ever. It’s going to be raining epic albums for the next four months!

5 Albums To Look For In 2013

Gold Fields – Black Sun (March)

My favourite new Australian band are set to release their debut album “Black Sun” this coming March and I couldn’t be more excited. They’ve been very slow to release any information or early tracks which is only helping to build the excitement world wide. The first single off the album “Dark Again (Lights Out)” is already on the Triple J hit list as well as getting smashed out daily on Channel V and has previously received a number one spot on this blog.

Black Sun is the product of a journey that began in the summer of 2011, when the band decamped to Los Angeles to spend six weeks working with producer Mickey Petralia (Ladytron, Peaches) and then retreated to a remote Australian farm manor to continue writing songs, which they later recorded with Scott Horscroft (The Presets, Sleepy Jackson, Silverchair) as co-producer/engineer. After learning a lot from both Horscroft and Petralia, Gold Fields decided to re-record and produce the whole album themselves in leader singer Mark Fuller’s parents garage in Ballarat.

Phoenix – TBA (April)

Word on the street is that Phoenix have done some recordings for the new album, presumably titled TPC, and describe it as very experimental. In an interview with at Sydney’s Good Vibrations Festival, Thomas Mars and Deck D’Arcy revealed that the new recordings might be a departure from the ‘hooky pop’ of their last album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix.

In the interview they mentioned a lot of drum machines and percussions will be influencing the new tracks as well as some orchestral parts but an interesting comment was made about recording with percussionists in Byron Bay. Although I do dig experimental Phoenix, I’m really hoping the album isn’t traditional Byron Bay style a.k.a bongo’s over a homeless guy that can barely play two chords on a rusty guitar. I’m actually anticipating something more to the degree of their effort two albums ago in United. This band seems to skip styles every two albums, with It’s Never Been Like That sounding closer to 2009’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix and United being reminiscent of Alphabetical. 

Foals – Holy Fire (February)

Foals have taken nearly three years to deliver the sequel to Total Life Forever and let’s be honest, it had to be a good one. February in 2013 marks their third studio album, which is highly anticipated after the guys went quiet for quite some time.

Speaking to NME about the new album, frontman Yannis Philippakis recently said, “There are some heavier moments and some dirtier moments. It’s swampy, some of the grooves are quite stinky. There’s a track called ‘My Number’ that had a Curtis Mayfield groove which was pretty unashamedly funk, for want of a better word”.

I’m also heavily jealous of friends who are travelling the UK in the next few months as they also plan to tour pretty fiendishly following the release of this record, and with tracks like My Number and Inhaler already showcased it’s safe to say their shows will have gotten a shit tonne more enjoyable than the cargo loads of fun it already was.

Fenech-Soler – TBA (March-May)

Cult-status electronic rockers Fenech-Soler premiered the video for their single “All I know” back in October, 2012. As it was their first new original material in 2 years I was understandably excited for what is to come while the band finishes up their second album, slated for a Spring 2013 release. While no other songs have yet been heard, the first single has all the same anthemic quality that Demons had from their first album with big massive buildups carried by singer Ben Duffy’s voice crashing into pulsating four-to-the-floor drops. 

If this upcoming release is anything at all like their first studio album, fans and soon-to-be fans are going to be in for an absolute treat. These guys remind me of a UK version of something like The Presets. Not as specific as sounding like them, but in the way that they have that uncanny ability to take electro-rock music into the most unbelievably catchy domain it could ever possibly go into. Between Duffy’s amazing voice and form and the beat of tracks like Golden Sun and Stone Bridge, it only takes a few listens to start kicking yourself and wondering why you didn’t hear this stuff years ago.

Future Screens – TBA (January)

Never heard of Future Screens? Not many people have. It’s hard to understand the logistics behind a band of this calibre only obtaining a measly 1,000 likes on Facebook once you’ve heard their releases so far. Songs like Don’t Stop (which was heavily favoured on the sterling BIRP! July playlist) and Sidewalk Chalk were two of my favourite releases from 2012 and it was not even a difficult decision to sideline my hate for junk mail from random pointless websites and sign up for Future Screens band camp newsletters.

It was only the other day I received an email informing me of this future release and although nothing has yet appeared on the internet, iTunes or even Band Camp (I’m assuming due to the bands humble status and lack of music label), I can only assume based on every single thing they’ve done so far that when this new album is ejected unto the world it will be one of the best things to grace your ears in 2013.