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The Wombats – Give Me A Try


The new album Glitterbug from The Wombats came out almost a month ago, so I know it’s quite late to be posting about this. But I never felt compelled to boast out about it to be honest. That is until I actually had a proper listen and heard some of the new golden singles, like this one.

“Give Me A Try” is just everything I love about The Wombats. I kind of missed the scrappier days of their first album, and there’s a little spark of something from that era in the new album. But there’s also a part of me that loves the new upbeat, synth heavy version of the band, because of singles like this. It has all the scrappy vibes of their first album but excels way past what we originally loved about the trio. It’s full of positivity and beautifully coordinated vocals; true pop gold worth more than a few plays.

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Megan Washington – Begin Again (Jasper Leak Remix)


Award winning artist and one of Australia’s hugest musical darling, Megan Washington, has released a brilliantly minimal remix of her single ‘Begin Again’ taken from the 2014 sophomore album There There.

Collaborating with producer, Jasper Leak, (SIA, Tegan & Sara) the mix almost sounds a little hollow, sort of drowning out Washington’s hugely powerful vocals in a mix of whitewashed synth that can sometimes make the track sound a bit slurred. Despite this, it’s a largely successful remix that navigates the song through a soundscape of hauntingly sinister beats and samples and adds a curious new element to an inspiring ballad that fans know and love.

Megan Washington has just been announced on the prestigious 2015 Splendour In The Grass Festival Line-up in Byron Bay, Australia and will perform alongside Blur, Florence And The Machine, Tame Impala and many more.

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Dive In – Eighteen


With all this raining hitting Sydney this morning, it kind of feels like dream-pop season should be in effect. Luckily, there have been a few stellar releases within the genre over the past month. One of the highlights have been a group of boys from Britain’s music festival capital, Glastonbury. They’re called Dive In and their new single Eighteen is basically the best.

It’s a bit of an ode to immaturity, that has a sense of juvenile fun and a lack of responsibility imbued into the vocals. Besides that, it’s a slick tune filled with fun, straight forward melodies and those sweet dream-pop style synths. As far as we can tell they’ve new to the scene but anyone who’s a fan of this style should get behind it, they’re going to be a thing.

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Dalaro – Synthetic


UK based Dalaro released the single “Synthetic” recently and it lives up to it’s name. Although being quite full-sounding, it’s got something slippery about it. It’s a very Beat Connection-esque sound they’ve got going on here. Tropical, or at least foreign sounding guitar melodies permeate the track from beginning to end, with whispy vocals a constant throughout. Even when they rise into the chorus, there’s still something a little hollow about the whole ordeal. Not a surprise given they’re named after a small part of Stockholm in Sweden.

I’d imagine live would be a whole other ordeal, with a hugely packed climax hitting towards the end of the track. It’s all a bit stunning and even more so exciting.

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Sans Parents – Loose People


Ex-Hungry Kids Of Hungary members formed Sans Parents late last year and have been cracking on with some awesome tunes throughout the past couple of months. The latest is entitled “Loose People” and sounds like a uniquely garage-recorded, indie pop delight.

This surely could have been a track out of an early 00’s college or high school movie. You can easily see it in one of those montages where the bad boy who is becoming good gets caught for whatever he planned at the start of the movie, before he truly got to know the girl. You know, where there’s a tonne of shots of each and how they’re so lost without each other during the less than twelve hours since she found out it was all a bet.

However you want to describe it, these guys are coming into their own and once they secure recordings that sound a bit more solid, they’ll be unstoppable on the Triple J chart-e-roons.

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Kid Astray – It’s Alright


I talk a lot about that Scando-sound on this blog. So many cool bands coming out of that area, but they are usually Swedish or the odd-mention of Finnish boys. But we have another inclusion here with Norweigan six-piece Kid Astray; these guys are truly something special. Sounding more like an LA or Brooklyn style indie outfit, they leave the staples of the deep north behind them and bring something beautifully different to the scene.

Their latest effort, “It’s Alright”, is a true summertime beat. Smooshed between wandering bass and a grounded beat is catchy as fuck synth outlays and solid, easy to get behind vocal lines. They’ve been around for a few years and this is my first outing with the group, but I’ll be keeping an eye on them for a new release. A very exciting Saturday afternoon find indeed.

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ALBUM REVIEW: Great Good Fine OK – 2M2H (2015 EP)

GGFO_PhotoByLaurenKallen_11 (1)

Great Good Fine OK continue to prove over and over again that they are the most badass, smooth stylers in the world of dance and indie-pop. Following the release of their debut EP Body Diamond last year, I made a point to mention that there’s little room for mistakes in an EP like there is in full length albums, and they smashed it out of the park with a pretty-much-perfect collection showcasing a natural ear for catchy song-writing. In 2015, they’re up to their old tricks as they return with a killer new EP entitled 2M2H (an abbreviation of the title track “Too Much To Handle”), set to come out in Australia on March 16th.

Opening it up with the title track “Too Much To Handle” they lead with a massive middle finger to anyone who doubted they could put together another release as strong as the last. Creeping in with static club-thump style synth and those brilliant dreamlike vocals fluttering around the verses, it leads into the build up to a chorus that spews perfection. This one is a dance track with some proper indie creds. It’s like…if David Guetta was suddenly actually really good.

One tune on this EP that struck me particularly, was the funk infused “Without You”. We continue with the trademark whispering vocals of frontman Jon Sandler which sprint around the backing with the type of precision that leaves you unable to keep still. It’s a very unique vocal tone and one that will be a major factor on whether or not you like this band. But it’s like eating snails. A lot of people are turned off at the thought, but if you like them, you fucking crave them. Creeping guitar parts and deep, probing synth provide a thick backing for what is an epic dance track; one that manages to still portray a heartfelt story of disappointment in failed love while keeping you bouncing around the room with happiness. Particularly around the 3:30 minute mark where it hits the outro, the boys round it off with funky guitar parts like the seasoned professionals that they appear to be.

“Carried Away” is proper old school funk. Taking listeners back to the 70’s with clanging disco style guitars and mixed again with the vocals, it almost resembles a bit of a Bee Gee’s type vibe. Obviously it’s not completely old school, again the electronics dominate throughout, slowing the speed down a little and the output it so sure of itself, and it should be. It’s definitely a sweet “strutting” song, and if you think that’s a terrible way to describe anything, listen and tell me I’m wrong.

If you thought you were impressed with 2M2H so far, wait until you hear that tropical popsters St Lucia are involved. That’s right, they’re a featured artist on the final track “Something To Believe In”, and man this partnership works out. The ethereal, out-in-space synth of Great Good Fine OK when meshed with the tropical-pop stylings of their featured artist just feels right. The deeper vocals of St Lucia frontman Jean-Philip Grobler are a welcome addition. A seductive saxophone solo permeates the outdo of this track , sliding around the slick arrangement like a dodgy carnival game, leaving you sufficiently entertained but wanting more.

Great Good Fine OK’s took all the stuff that impressed us in the first release and went double or nothing, and it certainly worked out. 2M2H is a crazy good EP. Start to finish, it’s filled with happy dance vibes, heartfelt and honestly delivered lyrics and high level, naturally sexy songwriting. With not a single second on the record wasted, they spit hooks all over the place in an effort that will make them your new favourite band. A lot of the time when someone asks you what bands you’re listening to at the moment, it’s real fucking hard to come up with something solid because it’s always changing. But if anyone asks me for the rest of the year, I can solidly say; I’m listening to Great Good Fine OK.


9.2 / 10

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Girl Friend – Monte Carlo


Man, it has been a VERY long time since I’ve heard a dance track this fucking seductive. I’m talking like full-on song abuse. Hitting the repeat button, over and over. The single by Girl Friend, entitled “Monte Carlo”, came out almost a solid month ago, and sadly I’m only just getting around to posting about it now. But don’t worry, it’s not a flash in the pan type of thing, so no matter how late you find it you’ll still be listening forever.

The track is literally about dancing, love and travel, so really there’s no bunch of themes that could be more enticing. It’s fast paced with a kind of skip-hop beat that you might hear with Two Door Cinema Club, although they certainly have their own tweaks going on. The tone of the vocals really hits a sweet spot for me. Nothing too amazing by professionally trained standards, but the kind of voice that just really sounds sweet, with smooth sliding tones all up in there. The chorus will hook you within the first split second.

Going off Facebook, these guys are quite small. But with a hugely original and just plain awesome sound, they’re sure to hit big things very soon.

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Golden Coast – Futurist


I’ve previously pegged them as something liken to Foster The People, with stunning singles like “Dream And An MPC” and “Break My Fall”, but this is LA based Golden Coast showing off a different side of them.

While still showcasing those some vibes we came to love with their debut tunes, they’ve added a bit of a reggae vibe and slowed things down, forming a pretty wicked fourth release. I’m really hoping this eventuates into an album in 2015, rather than a lame EP release with exactly the tracks they’ve already released on it, a trend that seemed to be rife in 2013, and continued in 2014. The latest effort, “Futurist” is indie-pop at its finest. Sexy hooks permeate the chorus merged with back-up vocals and tribal dance drums, resulting in a tune that is ripe in time for the American summer coming up soon.

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Matt Woods – Impression


This minimalist piece with RnB stylings by solo artist Matt Woods is unreal. Hailing from London this guy takes after all the Triple-J-esque acts that scored so well on the Hottest 100 this year (re Chet Faker).  Interesting fact about Matty boy, he’s a former choirboy, who admits he enjoyed the commitment and has taken a lot of learnings from his classically trained days.

The track “Impression” is a shallow, heartbreaking arrangement delivered to perfection in this humble recording. It’s a much needed break from many of the up-tempo tracks to be released by some of my favourites artists this year, and composed in a way that could have you thinking he’s been around for years. All in all, the catalogue from this fresh artist is well seasoned and enjoyable.

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