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Kate Boy – Higher

kate boy750

Kate Boy launched at a pretty sweet time for female indie artists. CHVRCHES had risen to fame, others like HAIM, Say Lou Lou and Chloe Howl has started to peak the interest of the bigger labels. But Kate Boy approached it with a thunderous, aggressive style of music that struck a unique chord on the indie blog-o-sphere.

This year she’s released a short EP with the lead single “Higher” beaming with anthemic bravado. Her classic deep female vocal style shines against thumping underground drums and bass and gliding synth. It’s a kind of new wave 80’s style and a great single right out the gate. Maybe after the success of all the aforementioned acts, this one might be the release to break out for this absolutely unreal Scandinavian act. I certainly hope so.

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RAC makes this look good

I know I’ll probably cop a lot of flack from this, but I really don’t like MS MR. Not sure why. I’ve given them a good try, I’ve seen them live, I just don’t get it. Even now as I’m writing this I thought to myself, wait, before you publicly announce it just go back and double check, give it one more try. I still stand firm by my decision.

That being said, there have been a few instances where I’ve really enjoyed listening to their songs, and they have only been when it’s not really them doing it. Before this, it’s only ever been the CHVRCHES remix of Hurricane and now we can safely add RAC’s remix of Think Of You to the approved list.

Everything he does, he turns to gold.

Sidenote: I’ve had a comment previously about the legitimacy of the YouTube video supplied with my posts. Just in case anyone has an issue, YES, I know the below isn’t directly affiliated with MS MR or RAC. NO, I don’t care. I’ve set my website up to give a Trojan Horse virus to anyone who comments in regards to this matter, making it so that no matter what website you visit, an animated Rick Moranis appears and eats all the words on the page (Do you think I’m that computer literate? Make the comment and find out).

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CHVRCHES – The Bones Of What You Believe first stream

CHVRCHES debut album The Bones Of What You Believe has been anticipated worldwide for the good part of a year and now we can finally rejoice as Faster Louder has begun streaming the album ahead of its supposed release tomorrow.

Exciting stuff. Check it out through the link below.


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