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Dive In – Eighteen


With all this raining hitting Sydney this morning, it kind of feels like dream-pop season should be in effect. Luckily, there have been a few stellar releases within the genre over the past month. One of the highlights have been a group of boys from Britain’s music festival capital, Glastonbury. They’re called Dive In and their new single Eighteen is basically the best.

It’s a bit of an ode to immaturity, that has a sense of juvenile fun and a lack of responsibility imbued into the vocals. Besides that, it’s a slick tune filled with fun, straight forward melodies and those sweet dream-pop style synths. As far as we can tell they’ve new to the scene but anyone who’s a fan of this style should get behind it, they’re going to be a thing.

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Japanese Wallpaper – Forces (Feat. Airling)


I read a post yesterday announcing this new track from Melbourne kid Japanese Wallpaper, saying he’s still high school age. With a single sneaking into the Triple J Hottest 100 this year and collaborations with some incredible Aussie artists, this a seriously impressive resume for someone who may not have even written a resume in his short life.

The new track “Forces” is a breezy, seductive number with the free-flowing vocals of Airling pushing through with dreamy ambience. Japanese Wallpaper has been putting out these sorts of sounds over the past year to a solid reception from fans, peering his uniquely Aussie eye into the world of dream-pop and spinning gold from everything he’s touched so far. Suffice it to say, we cannot wait until he delivers his first full-length.

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Adam Snow – All I Need


Adam Snow is a relatively unknown producer out of Washington D.C. with a very humble following on Facebook (I’m talking like one or two likes on every post, poor guy). His new track “All I Need” dropped like five hours ago, and you should all seriously stop what you’re doing and check this shit out.

It’s a short but sweet blend of electronica, with touches of dream-pop reaching for a little RnB. It’s emotive, impressive and one of those tracks that just makes you feel a little bit. For something that was only released a few hours ago, it’s getting quite a bit of buzz and it’s not wonder why. This guy will be a festival-hold name very soon so get in while the gettins good!

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A Real Hero

So this one is a truly amazing cover by a somewhat hit and miss sort of band. High Highs released their debut effort, Open Season earlier this year and it wasn’t actually half bad. I saw them live at Laneway Festival 2013 earlier in the year and they absolutely blew me away live with a sound that didn’t really seem to transpose as well off stage.

That being said, there were a lot of hits such as the title track Open Season and Pines and it’s definitely worth a good listen or two before writing it off. Their latest track, which is a cover of a College/Electric Youth track courts the band solidly to the direction they should be hitting; dream-pop.

That was the problem with the live performance/album adaption. As a live band, they were full of dream-pop classics and airy synth that pulled the entire crowd to some sort of happy place whenever they played. Yet on the album it was all acoustically driven, which isn’t bad but this shit is build for beautiful synth!

A Real Hero is High Highs exactly where they should be. Stop faffing about and do more of this shit!

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