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Night Drive – Young Rivals


Some exciting news on the new-find front as Austin duo Night Drive’s latest track, Young Rivals hit just over 24 hours ago via Sound Control Records. The dark, synth-heavy electro pop shines through in this 80’s style number complete with David Bowie-esque vocals and New Order style melodies. A lot of bands have decided to bring back that retro feel in the last year, and it’s a seriously good move. But if you’re going to have a proper crack at it, at least be like David Bowie.

Apparently Night Drive toured with Gold Fields last year, which peaked my interest initially, quickly garnering a reputation as a must see, high energy live show. The duo are also currently prepping a remix of Young Rivals from producer ASTR and an official video for the single.

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Gold Fields – Hold Me


They’re back everyone. Oh dear god are they back. Ballarat in Victoria seems to have been a flurry of amazing acts in the past couple of years, but none more perfectly crafted than Gold Fields. Consistently crafting unbelievable pop tunes with a sneaky dark tinge, they broke through in a massive way last year with their debut album Black Sun, blazing through airwaves both nationally and internationally.

The new track, Hold Me is a slick merger of traditional Gold Fields with the stuff they’ve been working with on their DJ outfit. It’s a pop infused, hazy dance track with hooks a-plenty and definite longevity. Premiered on Triple J last week, it went up on Soundcloud today and will no doubt earn a spot on high rotation around the world in no time. Get amongst it.

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Twinsy – Tear It Down


Apparently for the latest release from Victorians, Twinsy, they were locked in a studio for 12 hours (standard band stuff), and fed only pizza and corn chips (also standard band stuff) to see what sort of shit they would come up with. Did you expect anything but this to happen in the film clip? The single itself, Tear It Down, is as messy as the film clip; a surreal mix of hollow group vocals, bassy electronics and misplaced effects.

Tear It Down is in anticipation of their forthcoming EP Espiritus which is out October 31st of this very year. Mark it in your calendar.

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Yahoo! On The Road: Empire of the Sun & Gold Fields

I posted yesterday on a live streamed show featuring Empire of the Sun and Gold Fields from Dallas which was part of Yahoo’s On The Road live tour. If you managed to catch it, then you know as much as I do that we all witnessed something truly special. In the past, I’ve been a fan of EOTS, admittedly not as wild as I now am after seeing that amazing performance. But it was this show yesterday and this show only, that’s made me going completely insane in wait for their upcoming album, Ice on the Dune.

For starters, I’ll just remind readers that yesterday was a live show, streamed on Yahoo! Meaning it wasn’t actually live. That being said, I don’t think I’ve ever watched anything on YouTube or any other video streaming site where I’ve gotten lost in the experience so hard I could’ve sworn I was at the House Of Blues right in the middle of the mosh pit. It was, no joke, that amazing. Gold Fields of course didn’t disappoint (as they never in their career have), annihilating the premise of what people think about “support” bands and making this more of a double-headliner show. Sweeping through their debut album Black Sun with tracks like the re-worked already classics Treehouse and You’re Still Gone they looked a little uncomfortable on the strangely lit stage in front of punters that were clearly there from the beginning to see their precious Empire of the Sun. Not to worry, the Ballarat locals easily swayed their attention by the time they broke into their brilliant cover of Underworld’s, ‘Born Slippy’ and by the time they closed the set with Moves everyone was on board.

Now, like I said, I haven’t always been a massive fan of EOTS in the way that I know the lyrics to every single song. I have the album. I respect and liked to listen to the album. That being said, I was a stranger to a lot of the songs. This could be because they played a lot of the new album, or a consequence of my own musical ignorance. Regardless, it absolutely blew my face off from beginning to end. Empire of the Sun were inspiring to say the least from the moment they appeared on the sci-fi induced dream sequence that used to resemble a stage of sorts. They began the set with what sounded almost like an electronically enhanced glam rock introduction, burning through lines of lead guitar over and over with a lick that I kind of wanted them to play as many times of possible without moving on, it was that incredible an opening. There were fish-looking people in rubber suits and giant jelly-fish, with a weird ambient background that changed like the old-school Windows Media Player used to. Frontman Luke Steele is something to marvel at. He is a massive musical force, and that’s putting it lightly. His style, his vocals and his presence all come together to form something you can tell he truly believes in, like a method actor having trouble breaking out of character he makes you believe all of the weird fantasy novel dancers and psychadelic shit that’s going on in the background.

The show itself was absolutely amazing. Like if an amazing band just played in costume while cirque du soleil trained in full dress in the background. But it was the music that lifted it to the heights that it ended up reaching. Of course they played classics like We Are The People, Standing On The Shore and Walking On A Dream, but it was the new stuff that really stood out. The harsh reality of me writing this now is that I don’t know any of the names of the new stuff nor do I have access to be able to listen to it or stream it to any readers. But I can’t recommend any higher checking out the videos from the gig that are already up on Yahoo!

Empire of the Sun are playing at Sydney Opera House on the 28th of May as part of the Vivid Sydney Festival. Tickets are currently sold out but watch out for scalpers!

Watch the videos via the link below:

Gold Fields – You’re Still Gone

Gold Fields – Moves

Empire Of The Sun – Alive

Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream

Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore

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