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Fickle Friends – Could Be Wrong


This article first appeared on The Daily Listening.

The UK has always delivered the best of indie in my humble opinion. In the nineties and early naughties it was certainly true. In recent years, I feel like Brooklyn and LA have borrowed the bulk of the load. Before it gets too out of hand, Bristol’s Fickle Friends are on the case, with golden numbers flying out left, right and centre. Their latest single “Could Be Wrong” was released roughly a month ago and is still taking a little bit of time to get noticed around the world, but it definitely deserves a hefty tip of the cap.

This one is a properly good, synth-pop vessel; the sort of which I haven’t heard in a while. It feels like a cross between LA acts DWNTWN and Golden Coast. It combines the beautiful ghost-like vocals of front woman Natassja Shiner with some straight up sunshine synth-pop, bringing together a brilliantly balanced single that should give them a leg-up to bring their live show to all corners of the earth. Writing this from Australia, I certainly hope it does at least…after listening to “Could Be Wrong” on repeat all day I’ll be sorely disappointed if I don’t get to see at least one gig of theirs…fingers crossed.

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Golden Coast – Take You Away


Golden Coast have proved themselves by now. With only single releases to date, we’re still awaiting that all important debut EP or LP yet to be determined, but for now we’re content. Their latest single release is the bright and chirpy “Take You Away”, spouting out fountains of happiness and bubblegum-like melodics all throughout it’s business.

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Golden Coast – Futurist


I’ve previously pegged them as something liken to Foster The People, with stunning singles like “Dream And An MPC” and “Break My Fall”, but this is LA based Golden Coast showing off a different side of them.

While still showcasing those some vibes we came to love with their debut tunes, they’ve added a bit of a reggae vibe and slowed things down, forming a pretty wicked fourth release. I’m really hoping this eventuates into an album in 2015, rather than a lame EP release with exactly the tracks they’ve already released on it, a trend that seemed to be rife in 2013, and continued in 2014. The latest effort, “Futurist” is indie-pop at its finest. Sexy hooks permeate the chorus merged with back-up vocals and tribal dance drums, resulting in a tune that is ripe in time for the American summer coming up soon.

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