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CYMBALS – Talk To Me


Oh, hell yeah 2015. Ten days in and I thought you were holding out on me. Not too much exciting news yet. But today I discovered that those UK not-giving-a-fuckers CYMBALS released a two-track in December to finish out 2014. Singles like “The Natural World”, released in advance of their debut album “The Age Of Fracture” got me through a lot of boring nights doing University assignments. Basically, I owe my degree to them. Give me a call if you want a practically useless degree guys.

The highlight of the release is a little doozy called “Talk To Me” and it’s a special one, complete with high and mighty slick guitar licks and a staccato base. The frontman works well with his emotive tone, coming across hopeless and heartfelt, which ties in well with the feel of the track being that of the often tiring task of getting someone to open up in a relationship.

The other track on the “What Eternity” two-track, is called “Innocence”, and it’s also pretty friggen saweet.

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