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Golden Coast – Take You Away


Golden Coast have proved themselves by now. With only single releases to date, we’re still awaiting that all important debut EP or LP yet to be determined, but for now we’re content. Their latest single release is the bright and chirpy “Take You Away”, spouting out fountains of happiness and bubblegum-like melodics all throughout it’s business.

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Glowbug – False Metal (Ft. Josh Holland)


Holy. Friggen. Hell. Why Daniel Anderson aka Glowbug keeps giving out his material for free I will never know. But there’s another album on the way, hitting the web on January 21st of this very year and early signs point to a masterpiece.

The king of reverb has given us a little taste in the new single “False Metal”, alongside his pal Josh Holland, who brings a more solid vocal line to the track, something seemingly needed due to Daniel Anderson’s hollow style of vocal arrangement made even thinner by his signature overuse of reverb. But honestly, where would this guy be without it. That’s what makes us love him!

It’s an electronic, slightly post-hardcore holy grail of a song. It screams (literally) hopelessness and liberation, all the feelings and angst of the emo movement imbued into a modern day electronica track that could appeal to really any old joe.

As I mentioned, the album “Headhunters” is out on the 21st of January and up for FREE Download on the Bandcamp site, but you can order a limited edition (300 copies) vinyl over there now through the link here: http://glowbug.bandcamp.com/

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Smallpools – Karaoke


Nothing cooler than a smooth tune about getting loose and crazy in claustrophobically built dark rooms with nothing but a basic mic and a plasma , singing at the top of your lungs to an oddly placed makeshift video of a guy looking sad on a train ride while the worst cover of Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ bursts your eardrums. Yeah, I think we can all agree Karaoke is pretty sick.

Honestly though,  Smallpools have done some pretty catchy tunes in the last year, and in the lead up to their next album coming out in a few days, they released “Karaoke”, as the follow up single to “Killer Whales”, and it’s a perfect insight into what to expect out of these guys. A familiar verse and easy to digest chorus make this nothing but slick, likeable pop tunes for days.

It’s also the creepiest thing ever that the lady on the cover of the single looks eerily similar to my Mum. Like mannerisms, love of karaoke, everything.

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Coasts – A Rush Of Blood EP


The second full release EP from UK based Coasts, sees them team up with producers Mike Spenser (Rudimental / Alex Clare) and James Rushent (Does It Offend You, Yeah?) on A Rush Of Blood. With that said, anything associated with Does It Offend You, Yeah? gets me tingly.

Their singles in the lead up have been unreal and it’s something we’ve very much been looking forward to. Although not yet available in Australia Their edgy style smashes around the pre-conceptions of traditional British indie music, proving a fresh and welcome take on the genre.

Released on the independant label Tidal Recordings, Coasts have recently signed to Capitol Records for the USA after being confirmed for both Coachella and Lollapalooza 2015. The debut album will be released summer 2015, so watch out.

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