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Megan Washington – Begin Again (Jasper Leak Remix)


Award winning artist and one of Australia’s hugest musical darling, Megan Washington, has released a brilliantly minimal remix of her single ‘Begin Again’ taken from the 2014 sophomore album There There.

Collaborating with producer, Jasper Leak, (SIA, Tegan & Sara) the mix almost sounds a little hollow, sort of drowning out Washington’s hugely powerful vocals in a mix of whitewashed synth that can sometimes make the track sound a bit slurred. Despite this, it’s a largely successful remix that navigates the song through a soundscape of hauntingly sinister beats and samples and adds a curious new element to an inspiring ballad that fans know and love.

Megan Washington has just been announced on the prestigious 2015 Splendour In The Grass Festival Line-up in Byron Bay, Australia and will perform alongside Blur, Florence And The Machine, Tame Impala and many more.

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Grizfolk – Hymnals (RAC Remix)


Ahhh, yet again. RAC  has developed another gangbuster remix of stellar up-and-comers Grizfolk and their rock epic and opener on the EP, Hymnals. Both the original and the remix are cool little bastards.

Similar to the earlier single The Struggle, Grizfolk have this ability to drive with edgy rock vibes, beats and pumping electronics with this faint hint of folk throughout. RAC’s remix is just the most unbelievable track for a Friday, so crack a cold one, whack this on and get mental.

Grizfolk’s debut EP From The Spark was released on February of this year and is available for purchase on iTunes.

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Soundtrack To Europe: Live From Munich

Citizens! - True Romance (Gigamesh Remix)

I’m going to keep these posts in my free time short and sweet, as I don’t want to be kept bunkered down in the hostel writing. Sure you can understand. It’s the first day of my trip through Europe and it’s absolutely unreal here in Munich. Borussia Dortmund just won their match against Marseille in the Champions League last night to qualify top of the table for the knockout stage and spirits are high.

In the meantime, whenever travelling by train or bus I’ve had this little doozy popping up in my playlist and I hear it’s quite an old remix, but it’s still a bloody good track. I don’t really have time to do the usual three second of research into the song or band (which doesn’t really account for much anyway) so here it is. True Romance by Citizens! (Gigamesh Remix). Fun times.

If you’ve got any of your own travel inspired tunes, give us a buzz in the comments below!


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RAC makes this look good

I know I’ll probably cop a lot of flack from this, but I really don’t like MS MR. Not sure why. I’ve given them a good try, I’ve seen them live, I just don’t get it. Even now as I’m writing this I thought to myself, wait, before you publicly announce it just go back and double check, give it one more try. I still stand firm by my decision.

That being said, there have been a few instances where I’ve really enjoyed listening to their songs, and they have only been when it’s not really them doing it. Before this, it’s only ever been the CHVRCHES remix of Hurricane and now we can safely add RAC’s remix of Think Of You to the approved list.

Everything he does, he turns to gold.

Sidenote: I’ve had a comment previously about the legitimacy of the YouTube video supplied with my posts. Just in case anyone has an issue, YES, I know the below isn’t directly affiliated with MS MR or RAC. NO, I don’t care. I’ve set my website up to give a Trojan Horse virus to anyone who comments in regards to this matter, making it so that no matter what website you visit, an animated Rick Moranis appears and eats all the words on the page (Do you think I’m that computer literate? Make the comment and find out).

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The 1975 – Girls (The Knocks Remix)

The epic guys over at Inside Tone just posted this naughty number and I had to do a quick piece on it. The 1975 do Indie-Pop pretty damn well. In the same vein, The Knocks pretty much “knock” every remix they take on out of the park (pun fully intended).

Put them together and you have probably the coolest remix of the month. Make sure to check out http://insidetone.wordpress.com/ too for more wicked tracks that I continue to miss over here.

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