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Cosmo Sheldrake – Pelican We

This track by Cosmo Sheldrake is proper weird as fuck, with intricate slithering film-scape style intros and lyrics documenting a love for pelicans. But at the same time, it’s actually kind of cool as fuck. The whole 4-track “Pelicans We”, is an eccentric piece of work to say the least, coming from the young songwriter and musical experimenter and I thought I’d give it a whirl for those of you out there with very specific tastes.
Although this is my first experience with the artist, Cosmo Sheldrake has seemingly had a pretty darn impressive 2014, and looks to continue that this year with the new release. His sold-out debut 7″ single picked up support from the likes of Radio 1, NME and The Guardian as well as reaching #1 on the Hype Machine chart and surpassing 650,000 plays on SoundCloud. He has also rubbed shoulders with some pretty impressive cats, including supporting the likes of Bombay Bicycle Club, Johnny Flynn, and Sylvan Esso, besides opening for the Mystery Jets at the Barbican. He has played sold out shows in Paris, Berlin and London.
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Wild Party – All Nighter

I knew it had to be too good to be true. For months I’ve been a glutton, indulging in whatever tunes I want, whenever and wherever. I’m telling all my friends, Android phones are way better than Apple, Spotify rips over iTunes. That last bit I still consider true. But this week I hit a road bump in what seemed to be a journey too smooth to be true. The debut EP from Wild Party finally came out, and it’s good, and it’s nowhere to be seen on Spotify.

I took to Soundcloud and was rewarded for my faithfulness as this magically consistent first attempt, appropriately named All Nighter, was fit for play. The stand out is still obviously the fun and committed single from earlier in the year, When I Get Older. However, it’s great to see them equal the stand out track with gems of pop brilliance like Take My Advice and Out Right. 

Imagine an Indie band called Wild Partyand that’s what they are. Whether their tumultuous lyrics steer us towards romanticism, despair and hopelessness, drunken stupour or any which way, they manage to stay fun, sprightly, catchy and rocky. This is one to keep an eye on.

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