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Satellite Stories – Heartbeat


Those indie boys from Finland are back with another single in the beauty, “Heartbeat”. It’s a very Scandinavian sounding track, and I base that on absolutely nothing. Just something about these indie tracks I feel resonates. It’s the same thing I notice in bands like Urban Cone or The Royal Concept and that’s a pretty huge compliment standing next to those guys.

Satellite Stories should be releasing a new album at some point this year and it’s one to be excited about, if you can go from their awesome full length “Pine Trails” in 2013, which had sick beats like “Sirens”, “Campfire” and “Season of B-Sides” on it. “Heartbeat” is the follow up single to “The Trap” which was released at the end of last year and includes their same signature indie-pop style. This one is a little more anthemic though, and shoots through with beautiful soundscapes. I imagine this is what travelling through Scandinavia would sound like if it were a song.

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BESTiE – Asleep On The Bus


No I didn’t mispell the name, that ‘i’ in BESTiE is in it’s place. Yet another indie band messing with the format, these guys from the greatest city in the world (in my opinion) Vancouver have been rocking this tune for a solid year now but only getting some quality recognition after time. Sometimes music does that to you, you need some time to stew to appreciate.

That said, the first time I heard this it hooked me truly. Despite being from Vancouver, they have a truly British ring to them. That’s a crazy complement too, the Brits have that shit down. The track adds a heavy dose of shambolic good times to something that sounds widely emotive. Simple repetitive guitar parts match up with unique vocals tones, but it’s the brooding bass tunes that bring this tune together strangely enough.

Just recently a bunch of remixes of this track have surfaced to give fans something fresh, and you can check them out on the soundcloud account.

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