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Oh Wonder – Livewire


Bit of quick news for you beautiful people. London-based electronic, synth-pop duo Oh Wonder have just released the video for ‘Livewire’, the ninth installment of their twelve-month long debut project.  ‘Livewire’ is the first single of the project to include a video, the clip was directed by Mike Lee Thomas (Enter Shikari, We The Wild and Fossil Collective) who is best know for his cinematic, stripped back style blending the lines between his graphic, photography and film work.

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Dive In – Eighteen


With all this raining hitting Sydney this morning, it kind of feels like dream-pop season should be in effect. Luckily, there have been a few stellar releases within the genre over the past month. One of the highlights have been a group of boys from Britain’s music festival capital, Glastonbury. They’re called Dive In and their new single Eighteen is basically the best.

It’s a bit of an ode to immaturity, that has a sense of juvenile fun and a lack of responsibility imbued into the vocals. Besides that, it’s a slick tune filled with fun, straight forward melodies and those sweet dream-pop style synths. As far as we can tell they’ve new to the scene but anyone who’s a fan of this style should get behind it, they’re going to be a thing.

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Kate Boy – Higher

kate boy750

Kate Boy launched at a pretty sweet time for female indie artists. CHVRCHES had risen to fame, others like HAIM, Say Lou Lou and Chloe Howl has started to peak the interest of the bigger labels. But Kate Boy approached it with a thunderous, aggressive style of music that struck a unique chord on the indie blog-o-sphere.

This year she’s released a short EP with the lead single “Higher” beaming with anthemic bravado. Her classic deep female vocal style shines against thumping underground drums and bass and gliding synth. It’s a kind of new wave 80’s style and a great single right out the gate. Maybe after the success of all the aforementioned acts, this one might be the release to break out for this absolutely unreal Scandinavian act. I certainly hope so.

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Purity Ring – Begin Again


Now this is Purity Ring at their fucking greatest. “Begin Again” is the first time in recent memory I have heard the Canadian darlings put together a tune that actually sounds like it has some sort of pop-like structure. I mean, they received huge popularity off the format they had before, but this is a change for the duo that is hugely welcome. The track is classic Purity Ring with angelic, sweet and fragile vocals and huge apocalyptic synth, drum and bass.

The Canadians announced earlier last month their upcoming album Another Eternity which will be out on March 3rd via 4AD. They have also announced a world tour that will reach all sorts of places around Europe and America. Australia hasn’t yet been announced but fingers are crossed over here that we’ll get to see them again.

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Urban Cone – Sadness Disease


It looks like 2015 is pegged to be another “Year of the Scando” again as several of my favourite Swedish bands are lining up to release another album. Among them the former Miike-Snow-esque Urban Cone are now sounding fast and hot with the new single “Sadness Disease”.

It’s everything you could want in a track from these guys. Repetitive flowing synth, smooth vocal tones and some fast paced guitar stand-outs. No one paints the long cold winters of Stockholm like these guys, but it’s within the sprinting percussion and bass accompaniment that their dark lyrics actually shine, showing that within the “Sadness Disease”, there is some fun to be had.

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