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ON AN ON – Drifting


ON AN ON were one of the surprise attacks of 2013, cutting through the barrage of indie bands to appear during that year with an absolutely incredible debut album Give In featuring memorable hits like “Ghosts” and “Every Song” that are still in my playlist today.

The new track “Drifting” pulls it back a bit, even by ON AN ON’s folky standards, showcasing a hollow, melancholy tune with real feeling and emotion. Something similar to the standards of Matt Corby or Tan Vampires, to an extent. Some impressive picking and vocal melodies prove a seductive combination, drawing you in with every sad twist and turn.

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Move Over David Arquette, It’s Tan Vampires

Last week, Tan Vampiresbarged back onto my radar with their latest EP, Ephemera, which despite  the wanky name is a pretty sweet 6-tracker jam packed with ambient folk pleasantries.

Their debut album, For Physical Fitness, was a welcome surprise for me during a time when electronic indie had claimed in me a sort of musical favouritism. Tracks like the simply romantic I Found A Body, the harmlessly rebellious Digital Rot and the clearly flowing desperation in I Can Hear Them In The Dark made me curse out loud the jerks that weren’t following them yet on facebook. “Give this band your urgent and immediate attention!” I cried via this blog! Sadly, no one actually reads this blog.

Not only do I love this band because their lead singer kind of resembles a young David Arquette, but with songs off the new EP like, Into The West, it’s just so damn hard not to appreciate.