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Kid Astray – Still Chasing Nothing


Maaaan, I have yet to be more impressed by a new-ish band in 2015 than I am with this Norwegian powerhouse of indie brilliance. Kid Astray have since released the amazing “It’s Alright”, although I had to go back and check this one out.

“Still Chasing Nothing” reminds me of Australians Tim & Jean, or in a looser way, Passion Pit without the falsetto vocals. It’s got a huge beat and pace, synth pulsating through the middle keeping the vocal melodies in check. in 2015, it’s hard to dislike anything this band have released and I’m very much looking forward to a release later this year.

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Tim & Jean – Like What

So this is weird. I started listening to Tim & Jean this morning as per a spotify recommendation and immediately thought, why the hell haven’t I heard of these guys before?

Looks like this album, Like What, sprouted almost a year after the success of Passion Pit’s Manners, and you can easily pick out similarities between the two. Like, REALLY pick up the similarities. A lot of music blogs would heavily criticize the “unoriginal” nature of such an album, but I on the other hand, love stuff like this. In the times when an album like Manners really starts to wear on you for the fact that you love the style and the songs but hitting the repeat button so many times starts to make you ache for a similar vibe, just different songs. A new album is too far away and I need my fix now. Here enters, Tim & Jean, with their smooth electro-styled dance-rock loveliness.

Have at it crowd.

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