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Twin Shadow – I’m Ready


Brooklyn native Twin Shadow has always been quite a unique entity. His upcoming album Eclipse is one of the most anticipated releases announced this year, and the singles he’s released leading up to it have justified the excitement. Last week he released another of those singles, in the anthemic “I’m Ready”, a track whose complexity is masked with pop intentions.

The song, unlike the other releases so far, at least has a bit of structure to it. In the same vein of something like Bleachers, it sprays with a sort of eighties high school movie vibe mixed with inner city dreams. It’s a tragic love song and you can really, truly feel it when you listen. As someone who enjoys Twin Shadow, but is not exactly a crazy fan, I’d say “I’m Ready” is his best work yet. I’ll be listening for some time.

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Twin Shadow – Eclipse (Teaser)


Today, Twin Shadow aka George Lewis Jr. revealed the cover art, track listing and teaser video to his forthcoming album ‘Eclipse’ which is now available for pre-order. When speaking about ECLIPSE Twin Shadow had a pretty standard Twin-Shadowy, neo-philosophical rant about it. Mr Lewis was quoted, saying:

“My whole world seemed to come apart during the recording and touring of my first two albums. It seemed to break off into two large chunks; one relating to self awareness and confidence and the other being a desire to seek out the best in people around me. They began to drift slowly away from each other. Balancing the two became an almost impossible task and I feared having to choose one or the other.

Before the start of the recording of ECLIPSE I felt these things pull even further away, and in thinking I had lost both, I felt a deep solitude. When I began recording in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery (where I built my studio), I forgot about these things and focused only on what was in front of me: practical things, mundane things, things that simply kept me busy and not bored.

Without realizing it during this period, the things I lost hold of began to move towards each other again. Through this shift many things began to re-establish themselves; including loving relationships, a strength in the dynamic between my mother & I, as well as energetic states of mind and general excitement to play music. Things were aligned again without me trying to control them.”

He created a stupidly weird “teaser” for the album, but don’t count on this one to predict the album, it’s also sure to be stupidly awesome. It’s out on March 17th and will kick solid A. Pre-order ‘Eclipse’ here: http://smarturl.it/tseclipse


01 Flatliners
02 When The Lights Turn Out
03 To The Top
04 Alone Feat. Lily Elise
05 Eclipse
06 Turn Me Up
07 I’m Ready
08 Old Love/New Love Feat. D’Angelo Lacy
09 Half Life
10 Watch Me Go
11 Locked & Loaded

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Old Love / New Love

Out with the old and in with the new, they say. Well I don’t fully agree with that. There’s nothing wrong in sticking to the principles of the old if it bloody works. Why do you think phrases like “Old School” and “Retro” became on-trend? Everybody wants to have that NEW sound, but there’s always been something inherently cool about the old. That’s why hipsters and so-called ‘true’ muso’s always pretend to be massive fans of The Beatles and Eric Clapton. Rightly so as well. It’s the old that pioneered music to what it is today and needs to admired and remodeled.

But it’s not always about black and white oldies like The Beatles. Sometimes when a band finds a great sound, that kind of old can be applied to the second album or release to almost replicate throughout a whole new LP, and a lot of people have a problem with it, but I personally love it. A lot can go wrong by trying to be ‘different’ or ‘experimental’ and it’s when it does go wrong that absolutely no one gives a shit that you were cool, hipster and brave with the latest release. Look at MGMT for instance. FUCK their second album was shit-house. So much so that I don’t even remember anything on it and walked out during their set at Bamboozle, New Jersey in 2010 because they didn’t play much of their first album. It was shoot-my-brains-out boring.

Alright, so that sentiment aside, the latest track from Brooklyn native Twin Shadow entitled Old Love / New love is now available on iTunes today and I couldn’t have wished for anything cooler. Everything that was amazing from his 2012 album, Confess is there, tweaked in the simplest ways to still allow this new release to shine brilliantly on it’s own as a catchy and trendy yet gritty pop track. So gritty in fact that all my gaming nerd friends will be pleased to know that it was included on the soundtrack to the record breaking GTA V.

If you haven’t heard of Twin Shadow before then check out this new one but seriously don’t miss out on Confess as well. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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